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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Temporary Course Newsletter

April 29, 2005

The following temporary course has been proposed this month:

BPS 201X How Drugs Work (3)
Informative discussion about drugs and how they produce effects in humans to treat diseases as well as nutritional and dietary supplements for health maintenance. This course will also discuss drugs and supplements that are used for recreational purposes and to enhance performance. (Lec. 3) APPROVED.

PSY 302X Laboratory in Quantitative Methods in Psychology (1)
Laboratory projects in data collection, analysis and reporting, designed to parallel course material in PSY 300, (Lab. 2) Pre: concurrent registration in PSY 300, section 03. APPROVED.

Faculty members who wish to register comments have seven days to contact Barbara Luebke, Chairperson, Curricular Affairs Committee (X4-5490)

The Temporary Course Newsletter is distributed on the last weekday of each month, as required, throughout the calendar year. Proposed temporary courses received by the 25th of the month will be printed in that month's edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter.