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Temporary Course Newsletter

April 30, 2009


The following temporary course has been proposed this month:

CHE 474X (or MCE 474X) Thermal-Hydraulics (3)
Heat transfer and fluid dynamics of nuclear reactor power plants. Analysis of steam supply, two-phase flow, steam separation, boiling, flow instabilities, critical conditions, channel transient analysis, natural and forced circulation and sub-channels. (Lec. 3) Pre: MTH 244 or CHE 313 or MCE 341, or permission of instructor. APPROVED.

HSC 500X Interdisciplinary Research in the Health Sciences (2)
Interdisciplinary research methods course for students in the health sciences. Concurrent registration in discipline-specific lecture/lab courses is required. The course and concurrent lecture/labs will provide students with skills to understand research methods, to be consumers of research literature and to perform as part of an interdisciplinary research team. Pre: graduate standing. APPROVED.

NFS 515X (or HSC 515X) Interdisciplinary Research in Nutrition (2)
Provides nutrition and dietetic research skills as well as interdisciplinary research skills coordinated with HSC 500X (Interdisciplinary Research in the Health Sciences). In addition to interdisciplinary research skills, the nutrition lecture/lab provides skills in interpreting nutrition literature and preparing a research proposal. (Lec. 1, Lab 2) Pre: graduate standing in nutrition and food sciences. Concurrent registration in HSC 500X is required. APPROVED.

PHP 575X Medication Adherence and Health Outcomes (3)
Discussion of the literature on adherence and persistence with medication and its association with health outcomes and health care costs. Topics include: the extent of non-adherence in chronic disease, non-adherence as a public health problem, measuring medication adherence, adherence and health care provider-patient communication, overview of interventions used to improve adherence, and implications for the health care system. (Seminar) Pre: graduate standing or in good standing in the P3-P4 years of the Pharm.D. curriculum or permission of instructor. APPROVED.

Faculty members who wish to register comments have seven days to contact Norbert Mundorf, Chairperson, Curricular Affairs Committee (X4-4725), or Harold Bibb, Chairperson, Graduate Council (X4-2262).

The Temporary Course Newsletter is distributed on the last weekday of each month, as required, throughout the calendar year. Proposed temporary courses received by the 25th of the month will be printed in that month's edition of the Temporary Course Newsletter.



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