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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee Meeting

Minutes #8

April 23, 2012


I. The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. on Monday, April 23, 2012 in Library Conference Room A, Chairperson Mundorf presiding.

The following members were present: Professors Brand, Covino, Doerner, English, Honhart, Jervis, MacDonald, Misto, Mundorf, Nassersharif and Owens; Ms. Buss; Associate Dean Quina; Vice Provost Beauvais. Ms. Neff from the Faculty Senate Office was also in attendance.

Guests: Professor Byrd from the School of Education, Professors Morokoff and Brady from the Department of Psychology, Dean Brownell and Professor Trimm regarding the request from the Department of English.

II. The Minutes of 2011-12 Meeting #7, March 26, 2012 were approved with the addition of Professor English to the list of those present.


A. The request from the Department of English to reconsider the disapproval of the change of method of Instruction for ENG 110 and 160 was discussed.

Following discussion, the CAC approved a motion to extend the waiver on the Method of instruction for only one semester - Fall 2012.

B. Following discussion, the request for updated language for Education majors on May 2012 transcripts and the substitution of Chinese for Russian as an acceptable language was approved.


A. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Department of Mathematics

Ms. Grubman reported that the Department of Mathematics had indicated that they would postpone the request to change the number of credits for MTH 111.

2. Department of Psychology

Following discussion, the proposal for the establishment of a B.S. Degree in Psychology was approved. It was noted that the proposed degree would be placed on the Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting #9, May 10, 2012.

3. Department of Political Science

Following discussion, it was agreed to postpone further consideration of the change in level and number for PSC 288 to PSC 388 (288) and prerequisite for 388 (288) pending receipt of additional information with regard to the department's rationale for changing the 200-level course to the 300-level.

4. Department of Political Science and Women's Studies Program

Following discussion, consideration of the addition of PSC 441 (or WMS 441) remained postponed pending receipt of additional information with regard to the fourth credit, including assignments for the online sessions and clearer outcomes for the course.

5. Department of Writing and Rhetoric

Ms. Grubman apologized for her oversight in not including the full package for WRT 302 on the Sakai site. It was agreed to consider the change in credits and description for WRT 302 by electronic mail.

B. College of Engineering

1. Department of Chemical Engineering

The change in description of electives for undergraduate students was approved.

2. Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering

The request to cross-list the following courses was approved:

1) ISE 411* as ISE 411 (or MCE 411)*
2) ISE 460* as ISE 460 (or MCE 460)*

3. Following discussion, it was agreed that lacking the requested additional materials on EGR 109 and 110, consideration of the proposals was postponed pending their receipt.

After receipt of materials requested, EGR 109 and EGR 110 were approved by electronic mail and included in the 497 report of the CAC e-mail a request to approved as EGR 109 and EGR 110.


C. College of the Environment and Life Sciences

1. Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The addition of EEC 355 was approved.

2. Department of Plant Sciences

a. Ms. Grubman reported that the instructor had not been able to meet the CAC's deadline for further information regarding PLS 312 and indicated that he would respond at a later date.

b. The change in name of the undergraduate major in "Environmental Horticulture and Turfgrass Management" to "Plant Sciences" was approved.

D. College of Human Science and Services

1. Following discussion, it was agreed to postpone consideration of the proposed name change both in light of the Faculty Senate's charge to discuss further the issue in the context of its impact on the University as a whole and the lack of a clear rationale for the Board of Governors for Higher Education.

2. Department of Kinesiology

a. Ms. Grubman reported that she had received no further information about the addition of KIN 444X* and consideration by the CAC and Graduate Council remained postponed.

b. The addition of KIN 210 and 250 as approved. Ms. Grubman announced that KIN 250X would be posted in the next Temporary Course Newsletter to allow the department to offer the course sooner.



A. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Department of Mathematics

C The deletion of MTH 425* was approved.

2. Department of Writing and Rhetoric

C The deletion of WRT 105 was approved.

3. Harrington School of Communication and Media

Consideration of the addition of SCM 481 was postponed pending clarification of whether the course will replace or be cross-listed with courses in Harrington School departments.

Ms. Grubman was asked to refer the course to Ms. Washor for advice and to send Ms. Washor the CAC's guidelines for internships.

B. College of Business Administration

C The change in prerequisite for BUS 301 and BUS 302 was approved.


C. College of the Environment and Life Sciences

1. Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Following discussion of the Graduate Council's postponement of the change in title and description for MIC 422* and cross-listing as MIC 422* (or MLS 422*) was reapproved.

2. Department of Geosciences

a. The addition of GEO 397 was approved. It was suggested that the syllabus might be considered a model if the department agreed to posting it online.

C b. The change in prerequisite for GEO 497 was approved.

3. Department of Natural Resources Science and Biological Sciences

The addition of NRS 417 (or BIO 417) was approved.

4. Department of Natural Resources Science

a. The change in credits for NRS 212 was approved

b. The change in title, description and credits for NRS 324 was approved

c. The change in title, credits, description and prerequisite for NRS 406 was approved


D. Feinstein College of Continuing Education

Urban Affairs

a. The request to reinstate the Urban Studies Code (URB) was approved

b. The addition of URB 310 and URB 392 was approved

c. The addition of URB 494 was approved pending acceptance of a revised syllabus.


E. College of Nursing

C The change in prerequisite for NUR 233 was approved.

F. Summer Procedures for consideration of Temporary Courses

The following recommendation was approved:

That the CAC follow its past practice of considering and approving X courses by mail between the last meeting in the spring and the first meeting in the fall as long as there are no objections. If objections are raised, consideration of the temporary course(s) will be postponed until the first CAC meeting in the fall.

Ms. Grubman asked the committee if they would be willing to extend the temporary course procedure to approving courses to be taught online in the fall. The CAC did not agree to an expedited procedure for online courses.

G. College of Pharmacy

The change in academic requirements for the Pharm.D. Degree was approved.

H. Feinstein College of Continuing Education

After discussion, it was agreed that the issue of maximum credits for Summer Session should be referred to the Academic Standards and Calendar Committee.

During the meeting it was agreed to invite Mr. Humphrey and Mr. Sisson to a meeting in the fall to discuss scheduling of 4-credit lecture courses. It was also agreed to invite Dr. Diane Goldsmith to a meeting in the fall to discuss online courses.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman





Michael W. Honhart, Professor of History 2014 Recipient of the Sheila Black Grubman Faculty Outstanding Service Award



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