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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Curricular Affairs Committee Meeting

Minutes #5

January 30, 2012

I. The meeting was called to order at 3:07 p.m. on Monday, January 30, 2012 in Library Conference Room A, Chairperson Mundorf presiding.

The following members were present: Professors Brand, Covino, Doerner, English, Jervis, Honhart, MacDonald, Misto, Mundorf, Nassersharif and Owens; Ms. Buss; Dean Quina; Vice Provost Beauvais. Ms. Neff from the Faculty Senate Office was also in attendance.

II. The Minutes of 2011-12 Meeting #4, December 19, 2011 were approved.


A. Ms. Grubman and Ms. Neff provided the committee with a brief update on efforts to move to an online interactive catalog. She said that Human Resources has taken over the responsibility of the Faculty Directory. In addition, the Faculty Senate Office, Enrollment Services and the Catalog Editor were in the process of creating a system where curricular information is forwarded directly by the Faculty Senate Office to Enrollment Services, who would get all of the information on e-campus. The e-campus files would be sent directly to Publications for editing.

Ms. Neff noted that the interactive online catalog would not be fully operational for fall of 2012 and that 2011-12 would probably be a transition year.

B. Ms. Grubman and Ms. Neff reported on progress towards a program proposal form to accompany program proposals for new, merged or abolished programs. Ms. Grubman said that although the form had been created to accompany information that is sent to the Board of Governors for Higher Education, she had asked the Music department to put their minor program changes on the form and to let her know how it works. With regard to the definitions, Ms. Grubman said that Dean Killingbeck was not sure that they applied to graduate programs and she had asked him to help with definitions for graduate programs.

Chairperson Mundorf suggested that the Bay Campus be included on the form as a location for programs and the concept of sub-plans as contrasted with minors was discussed.


A. College of Arts and Sciences

1. Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Following discussion, the addition of CHN 307 (not repeatable) was approved.

2. Department of Political Science

Consideration of the change in level and number for PSC 288 to PSC 388 (288) and prerequisite for 388 (288) remained postponed pending receipt of additional information.

3. Department of Political Science and Women’s Studies Program

Consideration of the addition of PSC 441 (or WMS 441) remained postponed pending receipt of additional information.

B. College of the Environment and Life Sciences

1. Department of Geosciences

Ms. Grubman reported that the College of Engineering had tabled the following proposals but she hadn’t received any further information:

a. Cross-List GEO 482 with CVE 482
b. Cross-List GEO 484 with CVE 484

2. Department of Plant Sciences

Consideration of the addition of PLS 312 remained postponed pending receipt of requested information. Ms. Grubman reported that Professor Alm agreed to submit the changes before the end of the academic year.

3. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Economics

The addition of EEC 497* was approved.

C. College of Human Science and Services

Department of Kinesiology

a. The request to offer KIN 123 online was approved pending receipt of a more detailed syllabus and an explanation of the intended class size.

b. Consideration of the addition of KIN 444X* remained postponed. Ms. Grubman reported that the course had been reposted to include graduate credit and was being revised for consideration by both committees. There was no urgency in approving the temporary course because it was intended for the fall.


A. College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Mathematics

Following discussion, the proposal to offer MTH 131 online was approved pending receipt of a revised syllabus that included additional information about presentation, course objectives and clarification of the grading system.

B. College of the Environment and Life Sciences

1. Department of Plant Sciences (in cooperation with other departments in the College of the Environment and Life Sciences)

Vice Provost Beauvais reported that Dean Kirby had withdrawn the proposal for a new Bachelor's Degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. Dean Kirby said that he was bringing it back to the CELS faculty for revision before it is brought forward again.

2. Department of Natural Resources Science and Department of Landscape Architecture

The transfer of primary listing of CPL 300 (or NRS 300), CPL 487 (or NRS 487) and CPL 496 (or NRS 496) from the Department of Community Planning to the Department of Natural Resources Science and the deletion of cross listing with CPL was approved.

C. College of Pharmacy

C Department of Pharmacy Practice


The deletion of PHP 515 and PHP 516 was approved.

D. Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Chairperson Mundorf said that he wanted to consider the issue of potential interdisciplinary courses resulting from cluster hires. Discussion ensued.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman

*Pending approval by the Graduate Council




Michael W. Honhart, Professor of History 2014 Recipient of the Sheila Black Grubman Faculty Outstanding Service Award



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