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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes #18

January 13, 2012

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, January 13, 2012 in the first floor Conference Room in the Alumni Center, Chairperson Eaton presiding. All members were present except Senator Rice. Senator Davis participated through a telephone conference call.

2. Following discussion, the Minutes from FSEC Meetings #15, December 1, 2011, #16, December 9, 2011, and #17, December 14, 2011 were approved with minor corrections.

3. Announcements/Correspondence

a. Chairperson Eaton and Senator Honhart reported on the January 9, 2012 meeting of the Board of Governors, which was held at the Ryan Center. They noted that the Finance Committee had postponed consideration of the university's retirement incentive plan, so it was not on the agenda for the meeting.

Other recommendations of the Finance Committee were approved. These included the establishment of a PK-20+ Council, a recommendation that URI, RIC and CCRI to work with the Associate Commissioner of Finance to develop a 5-year operational plan, the establishment of a centralized Task Force to explore system-wide collaborations and consolidations, and the establishment of a work group to develop a plan for implementation and financing of a full-time Commissioner and associated support staff. The next meeting of the Board of Governors is scheduled for January 23.

b. Chairperson Eaton gave a brief overview of plans for the Academic Summit, which is to be held all day on January 20, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick on Building Connections: Charting an Interdisciplinary Future. She said that approximately 150 people would attend. Chairperson Eaton reported that the keynote speaker is Dr. Leah Buechley from MIT. She noted that faculty and student panels are planned for the remainder of the morning session and that the afternoon would be devoted to discussing specific topics for possible cluster hires.

c. Ms. Grubman reported that a Public Hearing for the Special House Commission to Study Public Higher Education Affordability and Accessibility in the State of Rhode Island is scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, 2012 from 6:30 - 8 p.m. at the Alumni Center. Senator Honhart indicated that he might be able to attend.

d. Chairperson Eaton shared with the FSEC the compensation agreement for the Faculty Senate Chair and Vice Chair and said that it was ready to post on the Senate website. Potential candidates for officers of the 2012-13 Faculty Senate would be informed of the compensation to which should be entitled should they serve as Senate Chair or Vice Chair.

e. In response to a question from the Teaching Effectiveness Committee, it was agreed not to automatically re-subscribe to Survey Monkey.

f. Ms. Grubman reported that the Office of the Provost has announced that Ms. Nancy Stricklin from Admissions had been appointed to the temporary position of Assistant to the Provost for Global Strategy and Partnerships.

g. Vice Chair Larsen shared a document titled, Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and asked the committee if we would consider bringing it to the Senate. The committee considered whether it might be more appropriate to ask the Council for Research to consider the proposal.

4. Planning

a. The Executive Committee discussed the draft Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting #5, January 26, 2012 and approved it pending the resolution of some outstanding details.

The FSEC viewed a list of Senators who are eligible to serve on the Nominating Committee for officers of the 2012-13 Faculty Senate, those Senators whose terms expire at the end of April 2012 and are not eligible for re-election to the Senate. The Executive Committee agreed that Senator Honhart should be the member of the Nominating Committee from the outgoing Executive Committee. Ms. Grubman was asked to contact the two Senators who had been identified to complete the three-member Nominating Committee.

b. The Executive Committee reviewed a list of spring Faculty Senate meetings, which included expected committee reports, forums, and presentations. Chairperson Eaton asked members of the Executive Committee to review the list and consider whether other forums and presentations might be added.

c. Ms. Grubman reported that February meetings with President Dooley and Provost DeHayes were scheduled for the following Wednesdays. She proposed that the FSEC meetings on the preceding Monday be recessed and reconvened on Wednesday rather than adjourned.

February 1 - President Dooley (Monday, January 30)
February 15 - Provost DeHayes (Monday, February 13)

5. The Executive Committee was brought up to date on the following matters of continuing concern:

a. Drop Period Legislation: Vice Chairperson Larsen said that he would have a report for the FSEC on the status of the drop period legislation within a few days. (Senate Bill #10-1--23 emailed separately)

b. Culture of Community: Vice Chairperson Larsen and Senator Davis reported on correspondence from Dean Zawia with regard to expanding the DISCOVERY@URI program this spring. It was agreed that they should pursue the matter further with Dean Zawia and perhaps, on February 1, with President Dooley.

c. Administrator Evaluation: Ms. Grubman reported that Professor Rosen had indicated to herself and Chairperson Eaton that he would not continue as Administrator Evaluation Coordinator beyond the current round of evaluations of Deans Jordan and Wright.

Chairperson Eaton said that there hadn't been any volunteers for the ad hoc committee on Administrator Evaluation and that she and Ms. Grubman were considering the possibility of asking faculty members who participated in evaluations in the past if they might be willing to serve on the ad hoc committee.

d. Syllabi: Chairperson Eaton announced that the Syllabus website should be up within the next few days. (Note: the website is at

e. Online Catalog Issues: Chairperson Eaton reported that Publications and the various constituency subcommittees seemed to be making some real progress. She said that the committee would next meet on January 17 at 2:00 p.m. (Note: the catalog effort website is at

f. Online and Distance Learning: Senator Barbour noted that she is a member of the search committee for the director of the combined unit of SLOAA and Online and Distance Learning. She said that all four finalists are scheduled for interviews. Although the time hasn't been established for particular interview sessions, the candidates would be on campus on the following days: January 27, January 30, February 1 and February 3. Senator Barbour indicated that she would talk to Dean Higgins, Chair of the Search Committee, and provide the FSEC with more information.

6. The Executive Committee was brought up to date on the work of the following committees:

a. CBUM: Ms. Grubman said that she hadn't heard from Professor Wenisch whether Vice Provost Katz had responded to the committee's request for a more current list of faculty or "faculty-like" titles than those in Chapter 7 of the University Manual.

b. UCGE: Vice Chairperson Larsen said that he would forward RIC's new general education program to the UCGE Committee for information as the committee continues to develop the revised URI General Education Program.

c. Academic Program Review Committee: Senator Barbour said that despite the committee's lack of a chair, the APRC continues to move forward. She reported that the Provost's December meeting with academic department chairs had been very useful for the committee and they had received some valuable advice and information. She said that, as requested by the department chairs, the APRC would send the Chair Survey around the spring break.

d. JCAP: Senator Barbour said that the small group on the program review process is working towards adding the Learning Outcomes Assessment and the Library Impact Statement pieces of the process into the University Manual. She said they hoped to have recommendations in March. Of concern was whether there should be an early review step by JCAP before faculty went ahead to develop full-scale proposals. She indicated that she would bring this up at the next JCAP meeting as a matter of new business.

e. Ad Hoc Committee on Advising: Senator Honhart said that the subcommittee was meeting in January. Chairperson Eaton asked whether the committee would be able to provide an informational report to the Faculty Senate this spring and Senator Honhart indicated that he would discuss this with Dean Richmond.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

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