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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes #27

February 28, 2013

The meeting convened at 1:00PM in the President's Conference Room, Green Hall. All members were present except Chairperson Larsen. Vice Chairperson Byrd presided.

The following matters were discussed:

1. The status of the new RI Board of Education was discussed. The President informed the Executive Committee that the RI General Assembly was scheduled to confirm the new Board members in a vote on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. An orientation meeting was planned for March 5. The first official meeting of the new 11-member Board may take place as early as March 11, 2013. The operating structure of the Board is not yet known. How the higher education functions will be carried out is not fully known.

Eva Mancuso, Chair-elect of the new Board, met with Presidents of the three public colleges and Commissioner Gist. Ms. Mancuso indicated that a consultant will assist in structuring the work of the new Board. President Dooley is hopeful that there will be a review of issues that would require Board review and which can be handled within the institutions with a level of accountability to the Board. Discussion followed: for example, the authority to govern undergraduate curricular changes and new programs at the institutional level while maintaining Board authority over graduate programs. The President believes that there is incentive for the new Board to move quickly to solidify its structure and operations. The President also noted that there will be a number of new members on the new Board and that there is likely to be a period of adjustment.

President Dooley indicated that he would be willing to meet with the FSEC shortly after the March 11, 2013 Board meeting for an update.

2. Vice Chairperson Byrd stated that the Administration and Management Review Committee, which had met earlier in the day, was in receipt of the report from the consultants, Academic Strategy Partners. The President had reviewed the report. He believes the report can be helpful to the committee's work. He noted one recommendation of the report: to separate the academic reorganization process from the examination of business processes. The President has discussed this issue with the Provost. The President reiterated that he believes that the consultant's report would help advance the agenda and, that as the AMRC creates subcommittees, more people would become involved. He added that the Academic Plan will help guide use of saved resources. The work of the AMRC will be a work-in-progress for the next year. The President will talk more with the FSEC after digesting the report more fully.

3. The searches for the Vice Presidents are progressing. The consultant (from Korn/Ferry) is very experienced and confident that he will be able to build a pool of qualified candidates. He is developing ads. Interviews should take place in April and May.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Neff



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