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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes #21

January 22, 2013

1. The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 in the Dorothy Vocino Conference Room in the URI Library, Chairperson Larsen presiding. All members were present.

2. The Executive Committee acknowledged that the Minutes from FSEC Meetings #19 and #20 had been approved between semesters by electronic mail.

3. The Executive Committee reviewed the Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting #5, January 24 in preparation for the meeting scheduled for later that week.

They discussed a draft motion that the URI AAUP planned to have introduced by a Senator under New Business at the meeting. The resolution concerned the phased retirement program and recommended a process for reviving it. The Executive Committee agreed that a resolution would be in order and made some suggestions that Chairperson Larsen agreed to share with the AAUP. The FSEC also asked Chairperson Larsen to inform Provost DeHayes that a resolution was expected as a matter of new business.

4. Announcements/Correspondence

a. Chairperson Larsen and Senator Barbour reported on the January 18, 2013 Academic Summit. Chairperson Larsen said that he would like to mention the summit at the Faculty Senate Meeting and encourage Senators consider attending future summits and to be aware that it is usually held in January before classes begin.

b. Vice Chairperson Byrd and Senator Barbour reported that President Dooley had met with academic department chairs at 9:30 and had shared with them URI's concerns about funding for FY' 14. The Executive Committee agreed that someone should ask President Dooley about the University's financial situation at the Faculty Senate meeting.

c. Chairperson Larsen informed the FSEC that he and Lorne Adrain had met for lunch during the intersession period and had discussed the RI Legislature's decision to replace the Board of Governors with a Board of Education for K through Higher Education.

d. Ms. Grubman announced that two Executive Committee meetings with President Dooley had been scheduled for the spring semester:

1) Thursday February 28 3:30-4:30 President's Conference Room
2) Thursday, March 28 3:00-4:00 President's Conference Room.

e. The FSEC discussed two memorandums they received from the CBUM Committee:

1) The first memorandum was to Dean Zawia regarding the most recent iteration of section 4.70.10 of the University Manual. Ms. Grubman reported that Professor Wenisch and Dean Zawia were scheduled to meet later that week

2) The second memorandum suggested revisions to the Executive Committee's draft change to section 7.22.10 of the University Manual. Following discussion of the suggestions, the Executive Committee agreed to revise their original proposal and bring a recommendation for amending section 7.22.10 to the Faculty Senate in February. Following is the proposed 7.22.10:

7.22.10 Criteria for Promotion. Promotion shall be based on the extent of value to the University. The prime mission of a university is the discovery and dissemination of knowledge; teaching, research, and service are regarded as the criteria for promotion. Since faculty positions vary in designated responsibility, these criteria may be weighted differently among departments and among individual faculty members in determining value to the University.

f. The FSEC discussed a proposed memorandum of agreement between the Town of South Kingstown and the University of Rhode Island and its Land Grant Programs on the Healthy Place by Design Project. They agreed that they should bring it to the Faculty Senate for endorsement should President Dooley agree to sign it.

The Executive Committee asked Ms. Grubman to forward the agreement to President Dooley and suggest that he speak with Senator Rice about the agreement.

g. Search Committees:

1) The Executive Committee discussed their appointees to the Search Committee for the Vice President for Administration and Finance and agreed to appoint Professor Robert Comerford and Professor Will Green.

2) After discussion, the Executive Committee agreed to appoint Professor Walter Besio and Research Professor Annie deGroot to the search committee for Vice President for Research and Economic Development. Further, the Executive Committee asked Ms. Grubman to share a list of additional faculty members from the arts, humanities and social sciences who might be considered if President Dooley wanted to add more faculty members to the search committee.

3) Chairperson Larsen reported that the position of Coordinator of the Faculty Senate had been advertised and the application period would close on January 24. He said that he would chair the Search Committee and Vice Chairperson Byrd and Ms. Grubman would comprise the rest of the committee.

h. Chairperson Larsen noted that AAUP President Louie Kirschenbaum had forwarded draft report issued by the AAUP, The Role of the Faculty in Conditions of Financial Exigency. He encouraged members of the FSEC to take the time to review it.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman




Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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