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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Minutes #6

September 12, 2012


1. The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m. on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 in the Dorothy Vocino Conference Room in the URI Library, Chairperson Larsen presiding. All members were present.

2. The Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting #5, September 5, 2012 were approved.

3. The Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting #1, September 20, 2012 was reviewed and approved pending additional changes.

4. Announcements/Correspondence/Reports:

a. The Executive Committee members who had attended the September 5 Council for Research meeting reported on the discussion. The FSEC discussed the Council for Research's amendment that will be presented to the Faculty Senate along with the overhead distribution proposal that the URI Administration had brought to the RIBGHE in August. Suggestions were made for possible amendments that would clarify the Board of Governors' role in the process.

b. The FSEC decided to add to the Council for Research's recommendation a proposal for a process to enable the legislation to move forward with faculty support. They reviewed a draft proposal for a procedure for future revisions of overhead distribution. After discussion, they agreed to forward the draft to President Dooley and Provost DeHayes before bringing a recommendation to the Faculty Senate.

c. The Executive Committee discussed the legislation approved by the Faculty Senate in 2003-04 and by the RI legislature in 2007 establishing a URI Research Foundation. They specifically noted the following sections of the University Manual that were based on the law:

3.50.10 The University of Rhode Island Research Foundation is a non-profit corporation at the University of Rhode Island to administer the development of scientific research, technology, the commercialization of intellectual property and such other work as necessary to develop, promote and enhance scientific research and technology at the University of Rhode Island and within the state of Rhode Island.

3.50.11 The URI Research Foundation shall aid and assist the University of Rhode Island in the establishment, development and fostering of scientific research and technology, which will, further the learning opportunities, programs, services and enterprises of the University and of the state of Rhode Island. Shall promote, encourage and foster the education and training services, scientific investigations, technology development, technology commercialization at the University.

d. The FSEC reviewed a memorandum drafted by Senator Nassersharif, which urged President Dooley to provide support for bringing the URI Research Foundation closer to the original vision. It was agreed to forward the final version of the letter to President Dooley by the end of the week.

e. Chairperson Larsen asked if any FSEC members, beside himself and Senator Rice, planned to attend the AAUP Joint Governance Conference Washington DC, from October 26-28.

He also noted that the AAUP Executive Committee had invited the FSEC to meet for lunch to discuss issues that affected both organizations.

4. Senator Nassersharif reported that he had reviewed the list of administrators who were due for evaluation during the current academic year. It was agreed to plan evaluations for Deans Higgins and Maslyn and to move forward with an evaluation of Provost DeHayes.

It was noted that Dean Zawia had been appointed in Spring 2011 and that it would be appropriate to conduct his evaluation during the spring semester.

5. The Executive Committee was reminded that they were scheduled to meet with Provost DeHayes at noon on September 19 in the President's Conference Room in Green Hall. They agreed to the following topics:

a. Overhead distribution

b. Administrator Evaluation

6. It was agreed that there were several items of unfinished business on the Agenda that required a minimum of discussion but they had not been able to consider because they always ran out of time. Ms. Grubman agreed to list these items earlier on the Agenda for the next Executive Committee meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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