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General Education Program

The University believes that all undergraduate students, regardless of their degree programs, need experience in the study of fundamentals that builds on the student’s previous education and continues through the undergraduate years and beyond. All bachelor’s degree students follow the same University-wide general education requirements. While general education requirements for all students are selected from the same list of approved courses, there are possible variations based on the student’s major. Students should consult specific college and departmental requirements and discuss the requirements with an advisor. In their first semester, all entering freshmen and new transfer students with fewer than 24 credits are required to take URI 101 Traditions and Transformations: A Freshman Seminar, including community service provided by the Feinstein Enriching America Program (see “Course Descriptions,” beginning on page 165).

The purpose of general education at the University of Rhode Island is to lay a foundation for the lifelong enrichment of the human experience and for a thoughtful and active engagement with the world. This foundation is built on recognition of the complexity of nature, society, and the individual. The objective of general education is to introduce students to the fundamental dimensions of this complexity and to develop an appreciation of different ways of understanding it and different cultural responses to it.


Courses Approved for General Education last updated 6/9/13