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Revised General Education Program

2001 Appendix A - General Education Core Areas

English Communication Core Area (EC) (ECw)


English Communication: courses that improve written and oral communication skills


  • "EC" courses and "ECw" courses present knowledge and content that develop and extend an understanding of effective written or oral interactions between a writer or speaker and a listening or reading audience, and they provide extensive guided practice in these interactions. ECw courses focus specifically on written communication.

  • Supplementary guidelines for "EC" courses:

    1. "EC" courses and "ECw" courses examine the elements and conditions of effective writing or speaking through the use of a variety of basic disciplinary sources and critical explorations.
    2. "EC" courses enhance students' ability to critically receive, analyze and interpret texts, information, and persuasive messages for interaction with multiple audiences, in specified contexts, for specific purposes. "ECw" courses focus particularly on the analysis and production of written texts for a variety of purposes and contexts.
    3. "EC" courses and "ECw" courses promote progressive skill acquisition in critical analysis and production that results from ample opportunities for guided practice as well as feedback from peers, the instructor, the public or other audiences.
    4. "EC" and "ECw" courses provide multiple opportunities for writing and/or speaking and listening in different modes or genres and for varying audiences, purposes and contexts.

It has been the committee's position that the guidelines do not require Faculty Senate approval because they are consistent with the approved definitions for the core area.