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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Minutes for Faculty Senate Meetings

Minutes #8

April 19, 2012

1. Immediately following a meeting of the General Faculty-Graduate Faculty, the regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:11 p.m. in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building, Chairperson Eaton presiding.

All members were present except Senators Bovy, Clapham, Collie, Cooper, Davis, Dilworth, Dorado, Ferszt, Hu, Juda, Kincaid, Lardaro, Leonard, Lloyd, Mahler, Marcoux, Mitkowski, Opaluch, Sun, Thomas and Wills; Vice Presidents Beagle and Weygand; Vice Provosts Bozylinsky and Libutti (Vice Provost McCray was represented by his designee); Deans Bonn, D'Hondt, Higgins, Joseph, McKinney, and Richmond, (Deans Kirby and Zawia were represented by their designees).

2. Chairperson Eaton announced that the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #7, March 22, 2012, had been corrected and posted on the web. She asked if there were any additions, further corrections to or questions about the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #7. There were none.

Chairperson Eaton ruled that in the absence of any comments or corrections, the Minutes were approved.



A. Announcements


1) Chairperson Eaton announced that the Executive Committee intended to recommend that the Faculty Senate not vote on the General Education Revisions that afternoon. Instead, to hold a recessed meeting on May 3 to consider further the Report of the University College and General Education Committee.

2) Chairperson Eaton announced that this was the last regular Senate Meeting of the 2011-12 Faculty Senate. She said that while she wanted to urge everyone to attend the recess meeting on May 3, she wished to thank Senators who are completing their terms this spring as is traditional at the April Meeting. She emphasized that it would not leave anyone off the hook from attending a recess meeting on May 3. She explained that the new Senate for 2012-13 would hold its organizational meeting on May 10.

Chairperson Eaton announced that the following Senators would complete their terms when the meeting adjourns on May 3:

Jerry Cohen
Lynne Derbyshire
Nancy Eaton
Michael Honhart
Louis Kirschenbaum
Michelangelo La Luna
Leonard Lardaro
Sheri Wills

Betsy Cooper

Valerie Maier-Speredelozzi
William Ohley

Jeremy Collie

Katie Branch
Leslie Mahler
Beth Marcoux

Catherine English (may be re-elected)
Thomas Husband

Kerry LaPlante

Sarina Wyant

She asked everyone to join her in thanking the outgoing senators for their service and also to urge them to attend the recess meeting on May 3.

3) Chairperson Eaton explained that it was also traditional to announce at the April meeting the names of newly elected Senators who will take their seats at the May 10 meeting. She explained that although elections have not been completed in the College of the Environment and Life Science or the Graduate School of Oceanography, she had the list of uncontested nominees from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and the results of elections in other colleges.

She announced that the following persons had been elected and will take their seats at the organizational meeting on May 10:

Kathleen Davis
Jeremiah Dyehouse
Marc Hutchison
Will Krieger
John Leo
Arthur Mead
Nedra Reynolds
Marie Schwartz
Kathleen Torrens
Mario Trubiano
Bryna Wortman
Yinjiao (Joy) Ye

Seung Kyoon Shin

K. Wayne Lee
Bahram Nassersharif

Mikyong Kim
Jing Xiao
Peter Blanpied

Tracey Taveira

Michael Cerbo

4) Chairperson Eaton expressed her appreciation to Vice President Peter Alfonso for graciously agreeing to report on the Division of Research and Economic Development, as well as sponsor the reception at the University Club after the meeting that afternoon.

B. Vice Chairperson Larsen explained that there were no new Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings He asked if there were any questions about the Minutes on the web.

Discussion ensued with regard to a letter attached to the Minutes of Meeting #24, but not published on the website.

Following discussion, Senator Davis moved to distribute the letter immediately, not waiting for the Minutes to be posted. The motion carried.

C. Vice Chairperson Larsen said that he had two recommendations from the Faculty Senate Executive Committee that afternoon.

1) Vice Chairperson Larsen moved approval of the proposed Faculty Senate meeting schedule for 2012-13:

3:00 p.m. on the following Thursdays in the Cherry Auditorium of the Chester H. Kirk Building:

September 20, 2012*                January 24, 2013
October 18. 2012                      February 21, 2013
November 15, 2012                   March 21, 2013
December 13, 2012*                  April 18, 2013*
                                               May 9, 2013 (organizational)


Special Meetings may be called upon due notice.

*Will immediately follow a Meeting of the General Faculty- Graduate Faculty

The motion carried.

2) Vice Chairperson Larsen moved that the Faculty Senate discuss, and possibly amend, the Report of the UCGE Committee, but not vote on the General Education Revision before the Faculty Senate's Recess Meeting on May 3, 2012. The motion carried.




A. President Dooley said that all of the legislation listed on the Agenda cover had been approved.

B. President Dooley reported on two items before the General Assembly of major interest to the University. He said that the University was advocating for a Bond Issue for the proposed RIC-URI Nursing Facility in Providence as recommended by Richard Licht, the Director of Administration for the state of Rhode Island. The President said that more desirable than a bond issue, would be public-private financing of the building. This would mean that the building would not have to be on the ballot and could move ahead more expeditiously. He explained that the University supported either option for financing the construction of the building.

President Dooley said that another matter before the general assembly of major interest to URI was proposed legislation that would require a state match with the federal government of funding for the University's land-grant mission. He explained that Rhode Island was the only state that did not have a provision to match federal funds. He noted that the University had supported this proposed legislation for many years and believed it would have a positive impact on UR's budget.

President Dooley asked if there were any further questions. There were none.



Vice President Alfonso presented the Report on the Division of Research and Economic Development using a series of slides.

During and after his presentation, Vice President Alfonso responded to questions about the slides and the information he provided.



A. Dean Killingbeck presented Curricular Report No. 5A-2011-12 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate: Proposal for a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Cyber Security. He moved approval of the new certificate program. The motion carried

B. Dean Killingbeck presented Curricular Report No. 6-2011-12 from the Graduate Council to the Faculty Senate. He asked if there were any questions about the informational matters. There were none.

Dean Killingbeck moved approval of matters requiring confirmation. The motion carried

C. Professor Mundorf presented the The Four Hundred Ninety-Sixth Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee. He said that Section I was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Professor Mundorf moved approval of Section II. The motion carried.

Professor Mundorf said that Section III was a joint report of the Curricular Affairs Committee and Graduate Council on 400-level courses. He said that part A of was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Professor Mundorf then moved approval of part B of Section III. The motion carried.

D. Senator Maier-Speredelozzi presented the Report of the University College and General Education Committee. She asked if there were any questions about Section I, which was informational. There were none.

She then moved approval of Section II A:

That the following courses be re-instated of the as part of the General Education Program:

Fine Arts and Literature (A)
ENG 241 U.S. Literature I
ENG 242 U.S. Literature II
ENG 251 British Literature I
ENG 252 British Literature II

Letters (L)
ENG 251 British Literature I
ENG 252 British Literature II

The motion carried

Chairperson Eaton reminded the Senate that the ground rules for consideration of Institutional Goals and Objectives and structural principles were that the motions to approve could be discussed and motions to amend would be in order, but no final vote could be taken until May 3.

Senator Maier-Speredelozzi moved approval of Section II B:

That the Faculty Senate approve the Institutional Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate General Education at the University of Rhode Island, which appeared on page 3 and were elaborated upon on pages 4-14.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, Provost DeHayes requested and received permission to change editorially item C 8 to read as follows:

C. Exercise individual and social responsibilities.

8. Develop civic knowledge and responsibilities.

Discussion resumed.

Following discussion, Senator Derbyshire moved to amend C 10 by replacing "multicultural responsibilities" with "cultural competencies."

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, the amendment carried. Item C 10 to read as follows:

10. Develop and exercise cultural competencies.

Discussion resumed.

After discussion, Chairperson Eaton said that there was time for one more report and reminded the Senate that the consideration of the UCGE Committee Report would continue at 3:00 p.m. on May 3.

E. Senator Eaton presented the Annual Report of the Library Committee. She used a series of slides to accompany her presentation.

When the time for the meeting expired, Chairperson Eaton declared the meeting recessed. She reminded the Senate that the recess meeting was scheduled for May 3, 2012 and all Senators for the 2011-12 academic year should attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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