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Scenes from Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Meeting

Minutes #8

April 18, 2013

1. Immediately following a meeting of the General Faculty-Graduate Faculty, the regular meeting of the Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:14 p.m. in the Cherry Auditorium, Chester Kirk Building, Chairperson Larsen presiding.

All members were present except Senators Blanpied, Buxton, Clapham. Conley, Dorado, Dyehouse, Ferszt, Hu, Hutchinson, Kincaid, Lee, Leo, Mitkowski, Morin, Palm, Paton, Rice, Schwartz, Swaszek, Warner, and Ye; Vice Presidents Alfonso, Dougan and Weygand; Vice Provost and CIO Bozylinsky, Vice Provosts Katz and Libutti, (Vice Provost McCray was represented by his designee); Deans Bonn, Ciccomascolo, Higgins, Maslyn, Richmond and Sullivan (Deans Corliss and Kirby were represented by their designees).

2. Chairperson Larsen announced that the Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting #7, March 21, 2013, were unavailable at that time.


A.  Announcements

1. Chairperson Larsen said that that afternoon's meeting was the last meeting of the 2012-13 Faculty Senate. The 2013-14 Senate was scheduled for May 9, and new Senators would take their seats at that time.

a. Chairperson Larsen read the names of the following Senators whose terms would expire at the end of the meeting:

Kristine Bovy
Jeremiah Dyehouse
Woong Kook
Tom Morin
Marie Schwartz
Pamela Warner

Silvia Dorado
Scott Lloyd
William Palm
Peter Swaszek

Farhad Atash
Nathaniel Mitkowski
Gonquin Sun


Christopher Kincaid

Emily Clapham
Susan Hannel

Ginette Ferszt

Marilyn Barbour
Roberta King

Peter Larsen

Excluding himself, Chairperson Larsen thanked the outgoing Senators for their service to the University.

b. Chairperson Larsen announced that the Deans of the various colleges had informed the Faculty Senate Office that the following newly elected Senators would take their seats on May 9, 2013:

Ben Anderson (2016)
Susan Brady (2016)
Holly Dunsworth (2016)
Nancy Eaton (2016)
Charles Kaufman (2016)
Joƫlle Koster (2016)
Annu Matthew (2016)
Barbara Meagher (2016)

John Dunn (2016)
Eugene Lee (2016)
Faye Boudreaux-Bartels (2016)
Zonqin Zhang (2016)

Marian Goldsmith (2016)
William Gordon (2016)
Lenore Martin (2016)
Michael Sullivan (2014)

Susan Menden-Deuer (2016)

Kyle Kusz (2016)
Linda Welters (2016)

Lisa Cohen (2016)
Ruitang Deng (2016)

Brian T. Gallagher (2016)

2) Chairperson Larsen reminded members of the Faculty Senate that the University Library was still asking for feedback through the LibQual survey. He said that the response deadline had been extended until April 29 and encouraged everyone to complete the survey at

3) Chairperson Larsen introduced URI's new Catalog Editor, Kate O'Malley, who briefly reminded everyone of the deadlines and procedures for the 2013-14 Catalog and distributed copies of the information that had been sent out previously. Ms. O'Malley said that she was looking forward to working with everyone.

4) Chairperson Larsen introduced Senator Marilyn Barbour who represented the Nominating Committee. Senator Barbour reminded the Senate that the Chair and Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate, David Byrd and Michael Rice had been elected in February. She said that Senators Kathleen Davis and Bahram Nassersharif would continue to complete their 2-year terms. Senator Barbour explained that there were two remaining positions on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, a one-year term and a two-year term to be elected on May 9. She encouraged Senators to send nominations to the Nominating Committee, Senators Swaszek, Warner, and herself.

5) Chairperson Larsen expressed appreciation to Dean Winnie Brownell for graciously agreeing to sponsor the reception at the University Club after the meeting. He encouraged everyone to attend, noting that the reception gives Senators, ex officio members, and guests an opportunity to meet one another and to continue any discussions in an informal setting.

6) Chairperson Larsen announced that a retirement party for Ms. Grubman is scheduled for Friday May 10 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the University Club. He said that information would be forthcoming shortly.

7) Chairperson Larsen reminded the Senate that it was important for business to be completed by 5:00 p.m. He said that it would be unfortunate if any of the business on the Agenda was carried over for the new Senators. He said that he intended to move as expeditiously as possible and urged everyone to consider the time limitations when speaking.

B. Vice Chairperson Byrd announced that the Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings through April 8, 2013 were available on the web. He asked if there were any questions. There were none.

C. Vice Chairperson Byrd said that he had two recommendations on behalf of the Executive Committee.

1) Vice Chairperson Byrd moved the Faculty Senate approve the proposed schedule of Faculty Senate Meetings for the 2013-14 academic year:

Schedule of Faculty Senate Meetings for 2013-14, 3:00 p.m. on the following Thursdays, Cherry Auditorium, Chester H. Kirk Building:

September 19, 2013*
October 17, 2013
November 21, 2013
December 12, 2013*
January 23, 2014

February 20, 2014

March 20, 2014

April 17, 2014*
May 8, 2014 (organizational)

Special Meetings may be called upon due notice.
*Will immediately follow General Faculty-Graduate Faculty Meeting.

The motion carried.

2) Vice Chairperson Byrd moved approval of the following recommendation of the Executive Committee:

That the Faculty Senate rescind Senate Bill #12-13--20 and approve the revised 7.22.10 as follows (addition is boldface):

7.22.10 Criteria for Promotion. Promotion shall be based on the extent of value to the University. The prime mission of a university is the discovery and dissemination of knowledge; teaching, research, and service are regarded as the criteria for promotion. Since faculty positions vary in designated responsibility, these criteria may be weighted differently among departments and among individual faculty members in determining value
to the University. It shall be the responsibility of the faculty of the department or other organizational unit with the concurrence of the dean to determine periodically the relative importance of the criteria which shall apply and to report this to the individual faculty members.

Following discussion, the motion carried.

D. Professor Emeritus Vincent Rose, University Ombud, presented the Annual Report of the Ombud for 2011-12. He asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Vice Chairperson Byrd moved that the Faculty Senate adopt the following resolution:


After a distinguished career at URI as a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, he continuously served the students, faculty and administration of University as Ombud for more than a dozen years,


That the Faculty Senate of the University of Rhode Islands expresses its sincere gratitude to Professor Emeritus Vincent C. Rose for his lasting commitment and dedication to the University of Rhode Island.

The resolution was adopted with overwhelming applause.


A. President Dooley noted that although he had requested an extension of time to consider Bill #12-13--29 and Resolution #12-13--4, he subsequently received the information he had requested and would sign both.

B. President Dooley reported on the crisis situation on April 4 and said that the University was fortunate that the situation had not actually involved a gun or shooter on campus. He said that it gives the University the opportunity to review its emergency practices and procedures. He said that among a number processes that should be improved would be giving clear directions to faculty and students as to the best way to respond to a crisis situation. He hoped the new guidelines for faculty, staff and students would be forthcoming this summer.

President Dooley said that some thought should be given to the proposal to arm the campus police. He noted that recommendations on moving to arm the police were included in previous reports.


Ms. Naomi Thompson, Associate Vice President for Community, Diversity and Equity and Chief Diversity Officer, reviewed for the Senate URI's long-time commitment to Diversity. She said that both the President and the Provost had been strong in support of her being appointed as the first continuing Chief Diversity Officer. She also shared information on activities within her unit as well as plans for the future. Associate Vice President Thompson used a series of power point slides as part of her presentation.


A. Dean Killingbeck presented the Graduate Council's Report No. 2012-13-6 to the Faculty Senate. He asked if there were any questions about the changes. There were none. He then moved approval of the report. The motion carried.

B. Dean Zawia presented the Report of the Graduate Council on Graduate Faculty Status and moved approval of the proposed changes to the University Manual.

Senator Davis moved to amend the proposed 4.50.10 by adding "generally" to the first sentence of 4.50.10 as follows:

The Graduate Faculty at the University of Rhode Island shall generally be adjunct, tenure-track, or emeritus members of the faculty who have a) earned the highest degree...

Discussion ensued on the amendment.

Following discussion, the amendment failed.

The Senate resumed discussion of the main motion.

Following discussion, a motion was made to refer the proposal back to the Graduate Council for further consideration taking the comments of the Senate into account. The motion carried.

C. Professor Brand presented the Five Hundred Fifth Report of the Curricular Affairs Committee. She said that Section I was informational and asked if there were any questions. There were none.

Professor Brand noted that Section II required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

Professor Brand announced that Section III was a joint report of the Curricular Affairs Committee and Graduate Council on 400-level courses. She said that the section required confirmation by the Faculty Senate and moved approval. The motion carried.

Professor Brand reported that Section IV was a joint report of the Curricular Affairs Committee and Graduate Council on Section 8.81.62 of the University Manual, which had been vetted by both committees and was now presented to the Faculty Senate for confirmation. She moved approval of Section IV. The motion carried.

D. Professor Maier-Speredelozzi presented the University College and General Education Committee Report 2012-13-7 on Fall 2013 Honors courses for general education credit. She asked if there were any questions.

Discussion ensued.

During discussion a request was made to correct editorially the title for "HPR 125 topic, Honors Seminar: to read "American Cultural and Literary Representations of Medical Professionals and Their Patients."

E. Professor Kinnie presented the Annual Report of the Teaching Effectiveness Committee for 2012-13. He asked if there were any questions. There were none

F. Ms. Morrissey presented the Annual Report of the Joint Classroom Steering Committee for 2012-13. She said that it was very important to have faculty perspectives on the committee and encouraged additional faculty members to join the three appointees to the committee. She asked if there were any questions. There were none.

G. Dr. Goldsmith presented the report of the Committee on Online and Distance Learning and moved approval of the proposed Exam Proctoring Policy for Online Courses.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, the motion carried.


Chairperson Larsen announced that in light of the hour and the remaining business on the floor, the Forum on Online Education at URI would be postponed until another meeting.


Chairperson Larsen said that there were two items of unfinished business remaining from the March 21 meeting. He explained that no motions were necessary because both items were moved and seconded at the previous meeting.

A. Chairperson Larsen said that the Report of the Executive Committee on Advising, which included changes to the Faculty Senate By-Laws, was now returned for approval as revised.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, the motion carried.

B. Chairperson Larsen then announced that the following amendment to the charge to the Library Committee was also returned to the floor for approval and that no motions were necessary: [new language is boldface; out of date language is italisized]

4.50 The Library Committee. This committee shall act as liaison between the University Library and the faculty as a whole and advise the Library on matters of general faculty concern; consult with the Library faculty on long-range needs of the
Library and the adequacy of budget provisions to meet those needs; serve in an advisory capacity to the Faculty Senate regarding the implementation and interpretation of the University of Rhode Island Open-Access Policy, resolving disputes concerning the interpretation and application of the policy, and recommending changes in the policy to the Faculty Senate; report annually to the Faculty Senate and propose Senate action relating to the University Library. The Vice Provost for Information Services and Dean of University Libraries shall serve as an ex officio non-voting member of the Library Committee.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, the motion carried.

Chairperson Larsen asked if there was additional unfinished business. There was none.


Chairperson Larsen asked if there was any New Business.

Senator Trubiano moved approval of the following resolution:

The Faculty Senate of the University of Rhode Island reaffirms the long-standing tradition, and policy, of having a firearms-free campus.

Discussion ensued.

Following discussion, Senator Davis moved to amend the resolution by asking the President to postpone any decision about arming the campus police until the Faculty Senate has the opportunity to consider the reports mentioned by the President earlier.

Discussion ensued on the amendment.

Following discussion, Senator Davis said that she withdrew her proposed amendment. There was no objection.

The resolution was returned to the floor.

Discussion of the resolution resumed.

Following discussion, Vice Chairperson Byrd moved approval of a substitute motion to ask the President not to proceed further until all sides on the issue had the opportunity to read the reports and the community has the opportunity to discuss the matter further.

A quorum count was requested.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:57 p.m. because a quorum was no longer present.

Respectfully submitted,

Sheila Black Grubman



Sheila Black Grubman

Faculty Outstanding Award

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