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Robert Van Horn, Ph.D.
Department of Economics

Professor Van Horn’s teaching interests include: Principles of Microeconomics, Economics and the Law, and History of Economic Thought. After earning a Certificate of Achievement from the AEA Committee on Education in January 2011 for integrating interactive learning tools into his classes, Professor Van Horn has co-authored two papers on the teaching of economics: "What Would Adam Smith Have on His Ipod: Using Music to Teach the History of Economic Thought" (with Monica Van Horn) and "Contending Perspectives in One Department" (with Richard McIntyre). The former has been published in the Journal of Economic Education, and the latter has been published in International Journal of Pluralism and Economic Education. Professor Van Horn also completed the University of Rhode Island Teaching Fellows program during the 2010-2011 academic year and the University of Rhode Island Online Teaching Fellows program during the spring of 2011.





Dr. Robert Van Horn
University of Rhode Island
814 Chafee Hall
Kingston, RI 02881