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The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection

The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection provides researchers, graduate students and advanced undergraduates with immediate access to over 1,000 talks each specially commissioned from leading world experts. The collection can assist the University of Rhode Island to maintain high quality education and research while reducing budgets and lead to additional revenue generation, as the talks can easily be included in distant learning and additional master courses. For further information watch the short explanatory talk at

We have organized for trial access to be set up to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection of online seminar style talks. Each of the talks have been specially commissioned from leading world experts and can be accessed now using the login information below:

Access link:

Username:       uri

Password:       urimember



Congratulations to the winner of the
2015 University of Rhode Island Graduate School Excellence in
Doctoral Research Award

Dr. Maryjo Brounce
Department - Graduate School of Oceanography
Dissertation Title - "A Geochemical Investigation of Oxygen Fugacity in the Marianas Subduction Factory"
Major Professor - Dr. Katherine Kelley