Because of the size of The Graduate Student Manual, 6 separate sections have been created for ease in downloading. These sections are flashing on this Table of Contents as Section 1-6. For downloading purposes, you are free to download one Section at a time as needed. This is a point-and-click Table of Contents for your convenience.


1 Introduction
2 Graduate Study
3 Admission
3.10 General Provisions
3.20 Degree Candidates
3.30 Non-Matriculating status
4 Registration
4.10 General
4.20 Full-Time and Part-Time Registration
4.30 Leave of Absence
4.40 Continuous Enrollment
4.50 Withdrawal
4.60 Re-Enrollment
4.70 Registration for Research or Study Off Campus
4.80 Intellectual Opportunity Plan (Pass/Fail Option)
4.90 Dismissal for Scholastic Reasons
4.95 Dismissal for Other Reasons


5 Residence Requirements
5.10 General
5.20 Master's Degree
5.30 Doctoral Degree

6 Fees


7 Degree Requirements
7.10 General
7.20 Transfer Credit
7.30 Credit by Examination or Equivalent
7.40 Master's Degree Requirements
7.41 General
7.42 Time Limit
7.43 Program of Study
7.44 Programs with Thesis
7.44.1 Minimum Credit Requirements
7.44.2 Written Master's Examination (Optional)
7.44.3 Thesis (Required)
7.44.4 Oral Defense of Thesis (Required)

7.45 Programs Without Thesis
7.45.1 Minimum Credit Requirements
7.45.2 Written Master's Examination (Required)
7.45.3 Oral Master's Examination (Optional)

7.50 Doctoral Degree Requirements
7.50.1 Definition of Doctoral Degree Requirements
7.51 Time Limit
7.52 Program of Study
7.54 Minimum Credit Requirements
7.55 Qualifying Examination
7.55.1 General
7.55.2 Exemption from Qualifying Examination

7.57 Comprehensive Examinations (Required)
7.57.1 General. Part I - Written Part II - Oral

7.58 Thesis
7.58.1 Oral Defense of Thesis

7.60 Scheduling of Examinations
7.70 Reporting the Results of Examinations

8 Advisers, Major Professors, and Committees
8.10 The Department Chairperson
8.20 The Adviser
8.30 The Major Professor
8.33 Responsibilities of Major Professor - Master's Degree Candidates
8.34 Responsibilities of Major Professor for Doctoral Degree Candidates

8.40 Graduate Student Committees
8.41 General
8.42 Committees for Master's Degree Candidates
8.43 Committees for Doctoral Degree Candidates

8.50 Changes in Committee Membership for Master's and Doctoral Candidates

9 Distribution of Courses
9.10 For Master's Programs
9.20 For Doctoral Programs
9.30 Approval of Programs

10 Scholastic Standing
10.10 Acceptable Grades
10.20 Acceptable Average
10.30 S, U, and I Grades
10.40 Grades of Incomplete
10.50 Change in Record
10.60 Audit

11 Theses Preparation and Approval
11.10 Thesis Preparation
11.20 Thesis Approval

12 Fellowships, Assistantships, Scholarships, Loans and Veterans Benefits
12.l0 General Conditions
12.20 Fellowships
12.21 General
12.22 Industrial, Endowed, and Special Fellowships
12.23 URI Graduate Fellowships

12.30 Assistantships
12.31 General
12.32 Graduate Assistantships
12.33 Graduate Research Assistantships
12.34 Graduate Assistantships/Graduate Research Assistantships:Conditions of Appointment

12.40 Tuition Scholarships
12.50 Financial Aid
12.60 Veterans Benefits
12.70 Student Exchange Among Public Institutions
12.80 Tuition Waiver at the Public Institutions of Higher Education
12.90 Patent and Copyright Policies


A. Graduate Student Academic Appeals System
A.10 Academic Standards and Integrity
A.11 Waiver of Requirements
A.12 Grades
A.13 Plagiarism
A.20 Boards and Officers
A.21 Graduate Council
A.22 Dean of The Graduate School
A.23 University Ombudsman
A.24 The University Judicial System
A.25 Committee on Academic Standards and Appeals
A.26 The Graduate Student Academic Appeals Board

C. Policies for the Release and Disclosure of Information from Student Records
D. Institutional Review Board Policy and Procedures Concerning the Protection of Human Subjects
E. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
F. Intellectual Property
G. Scientific Misconduct in Research and Scholarship Graduate School Governance