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Guidelines for Faculty Sponsors

  1. Grants will be awarded only to original research, creative or artistic projects.

  2. An individual graduate may receive only one grant in an academic year.

  3. The primary criteria upon which the grants will be awarded include: originality, independence, initiative, clarity and feasibility of the proposal.

  4. As required by University regulations, research with human participants must be approved by the IRB and those with animal subjects must be approved by the IACUC. Doreen Lawson, Director of Compliance, may be contacted for assistance (4-2636/ If IRB/IACUC approval is integral to the approved project, funds will not be released until such approval is in place. The burden of proof for IRB/IACUC approval lies with the applicant(s) and the determination of the selection committee will be final.

  5. As the faculty sponsor, we ask that you write a letter of support for the project to be included in the student's proposal packets. Do not write a confidential letter of support. Please include in the text of the letter what support you will lend to the project and how you will assess the project.

  6. Should the proposal be funded, you will be required to review the student's final report and add a brief evaluation of the project.








Congratulations to the winner of the
2015 University of Rhode Island Graduate School Excellence in
Doctoral Research Award

Dr. Maryjo Brounce
Department - Graduate School of Oceanography
Dissertation Title - "A Geochemical Investigation of Oxygen Fugacity in the Marianas Subduction Factory"
Major Professor - Dr. Katherine Kelley