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Instruction for Applicants

Enhancement of Graduate Research and Awards (EGRA) Grant 2014-2015

For your application to be considered you will need to complete the Application Coversheet below prior to submitting a packet of supporting materials in a merged PDF file [items 1-4 below] to with the subject line in the following format (Last Name, First Name - URI ID) no later than 4:00PM October 20, 2014.  

  1. Provide supporting documentation concerning your preparation to do the proposed research. This can include a list of relevant courses or experiences, term papers, publications, grades, etc.

  2. Following the outline suggested below, briefly (no more than three (3) pages) describe the project for which you are seeking support. Write with the assumption that the members of the committee have no expertise in your subject area.

    1. Background (provide brief introductory information about the subject area)
    2. Aims, objectives, or rationale of the project
    3. Results achieved or progress made to date by you if you have done work in this previously
    4. Procedures to be followed (this is important information be specific and thorough)
    5. Aspects of the project that are your original ideas
    6. Value of the project to you, (e.g., how does this work fit into your ultimate scholastic goals)

  3. Attach a budget page not to exceed $1000 explaining how the award will be used to support your project. Budget figures must be totaled.

  4. Faculty sponsor's letter (click here for guidelines).


Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 University of Rhode Island Graduate School Excellence in Doctoral Research Award


Dr. Amir Nasrolahi Shirazi
Department - Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dissertation Title - "Cyclic Peptides: Design, Characterization, Self-Assembly, and Applications as Nano Drug Delivery Systems"
Major Professor - Dr. Keykavous Parang


Dr. Adam Moore
Department - URI/RIC Education Program
Dissertation Title - "The Development and Validation of the Family Experiences with Autism Spectrum Disorders (FEASD) Scale"
Major Professor - Dr. Joanne Eichinger

  • Big Data and High Performance Computing Class