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The Graduate Manual sets forth policies and procedures governing graduate students at the University of Rhode Island approved by the University of Rhode Island Graduate Council. All students in master's and doctoral degree programs, and all non-matriculating students entering, admitted to, or readmitted by the Graduate School are governed by the current edition of this manual. All of the regulations and instructions in this manual were designed to serve the best interests of the students and faculty participating in the graduate programs of the university.

Any member of the graduate faculty or any graduate student may petition the Graduate School concerning exceptions to the provisions of this manual. Petitions requesting exceptions to, or appeals from, the provisions of this manual shall be addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School, Quinn Hall.

Only the Graduate Council, or, in discretionary cases, only the Dean of the Graduate School may alter or grant exceptions to the provisions of this manual. In particular, the provisions regarding admissions to graduate study, advanced standing, transfer credit, and approval and amendment of Programs of Study all explicitly require the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School. No one else has the authority to commit the Graduate School in any of these or similar matters.

This manual is available on the web site of the University of Rhode Island.

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