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Preface to the 2011 Revision

This 2011 version of the Graduate School Manual was designed to clarify existing policies, introduce new policies, and interject elements of guidance, all with the intent of improving graduate education at the University of Rhode Island. The persons responsible for developing or approving this revised Manual were the Graduate Manual Revision Committee (Steven Carey, Kevin McClure, Jean Miller, Elizabeth Smith, Gary Stoner, and co-chairs Harold Bibb and Keith Killingbeck), Interim Dean Nasser Zawia, and the Graduate Councils of the 2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years. This document will be modified periodically to further improve the clarity of existing policies. Any new policies or substantive changes in extant policies will include the date on which the Graduate Council approved the change. That date will be posted adjacent to the section number that precedes the policy (e.g., Section 7.31 [modified 5 March 2015]. Specific deadlines for the submission of important milestone documents are available on the Graduate School web site. Although advice and counsel regarding progress through a graduate degree program should always be sought from a student's major advisor, Graduate Program Director, research committee, or the Graduate School, each student is ultimately responsible for knowing and following the policies in this Graduate School Manual.

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