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International Applicants:

Information for Students with Three-Year Degrees


The Graduate School at the University of Rhode Island welcomes applications from international students. However, to be eligible to apply for entrance to master’s and doctoral programs, all students must have completed the equivalent of an American baccalaureate degree, which usually entails four years of postsecondary study preceded by at least 12 years of primary and secondary school. Most four-year degrees from accredited non-U.S. institutions are recognized as equivalent, but three-year Bachelor degree programs from universities in India and some other Asian countries are not.

Students holding non-equivalent three-year degrees are required to undertake an additional year of postsecondary study, usually 18-24 credits at the 300-400 (advanced undergraduate) level, depending on the student’s previous coursework and the program to which admission is sought. The coursework may be completed at the student’s home institution or at the University of Rhode Island, or at another accredited institution in the United States. Applicants should consult with the faculty director of the program they wish to apply to for guidance in planning an appropriate curriculum.

Please note that completion of additional undergraduate coursework in preparation for graduate study at the University of Rhode Island does NOT guarantee entrance to the program to which the applicant is seeking admission. Also, coursework taken to reach the equivalent of a four-year degree may NOT be applied toward course requirements for any plan of graduate study.




Congratulations to the winner of the
2015 University of Rhode Island Graduate School Excellence in
Doctoral Research Award

Dr. Maryjo Brounce
Department - Graduate School of Oceanography
Dissertation Title - "A Geochemical Investigation of Oxygen Fugacity in the Marianas Subduction Factory"
Major Professor - Dr. Katherine Kelley