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Oct 7th Chafee Social Science Center 271 @ 7 PM
Barbara Garson

"Money Makes the World Go Round: Globalization from Below"
Barbara Garson


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Barbara Garson is the author of MacBird, the 1960ís play that sold over half a million copies, and of two books about work All the Livelong Day and The Electronic Sweatshop. Her articles have appeared in Harperís, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The L.A. Times, The Boston Globe, The Baltimore Sun, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Village Voice, Mother Jones and many others publications. Her most recent book is Money Makes the World Go Around: One Investor Tracks Her Cash Through the Global Economy. (Penguin USA, 2002). She has won a Guggenheim Grant, A National Press Club Citation and an OBIE.

She was Editor of the Free Speech Movement (FSM) Newsletter in Berkeley, 1964. During the Vietnam War she worked in an anti-war coffee shop for GIs near Fort Lewis Army Base. She is active in the movement against Corporate Globalism as an internationalist who believes in Human Globalism.


One-world, a utopian phrase of my youth, suggested brotherhood, peace, Esperanto, the UN. Itís current equivalent, the global village, suggests electronic banking and CNN. "Sometime when I wasnít looking" says playwright Barbara Garson, "the world has apparently become one, but under the ethos of Rupert Murdoch not Eleanor Roosevelt."

So Garson, Guggenheim and MacArthur Foundation Fellow, set out to see what it actually means to live in a world that had been united by the free flow of money.

She deposited a sum of money in a one-branch bank and invested a second sum in a traditional mutual fund. Then she set out to follow her money as it coursed around the globe. The result MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND, part detective story and part global justice manifesto, is fueled by "honest, useful outrage" (San Francisco Chronicle.)

In her talk for the "Futures of Globalization" colloquium Garson will introduce us to some of the people she met along the way from Chase Manhattan bankers, to Malaysian shrimp farmers; from the engineers building an oil refinery in Thailand to the migrant workers and street vendors who work on the project. Most of the people who touch or are touched by Garsonís money donít think a lot about the abstract flow of capital, but by the time our tour is over we will understand concretely how unregulated capital produces such great insecurity both for them and for us.

Here's what reviewers said about Money Makes the World Go Around.

"A disarmingly balanced combination of amazement and social concern."
--Wall Street Journal

"A subversive, sugar-coated expose of the way the world works."

"A delightfully original book about the flow of capital."

"Totally Original and flat out Brilliant."
--Book Sense

"I've been a fan of Barbara Garson's writing ever since I read her brilliant MacBird! This book shows her at her bestóable to be funny about serious things and crystal-clear about impossibly complex matters. She brings all the formidable abstractions of the new world economy--"globalization, Eurodollars, information highways, restructuring, currency trading--down to the human level where we can see and feel and understand them. And always, her writing is suffused with a passionate concern for ordinary people overwhelmed by the giants of the corporate world."
--Howard Zinn



September 30, 2003


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