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Honors Colloquium

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Missed an event? Lectures will be uploaded within 72 hours of each event.

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Ann Cohen Anne Cohen, Brad Seibel, and Andrew Dickson: Will Coral Reefs Disappear? Biology of Ocean Acidification, 2/8/2010.
The archival video of the ocean acidification panel will not be available due to technical difficulties.
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Margaret Leinen Margaret Leinen: Should We Engineer the Climate? 2/15/2010. Play video
Edward Laws Edward Laws : Oceans and Human Health: The Urgent Need for Sustainable Resource Management 3/1/2010. Play video
Chris Reddy Christopher Reddy : Communicating Science: Lessons Learned from an Environmental Crisis 3/8/2010. Play video
Robert Ballard Robert Ballard : The Last Great Frontier 3/29/2010. Play video
Norbert_Wu Norbert Wu : Exploring the World’s Notable and Threatened Underwater Habitats 4/5/2010. Play video



Major Sponsors:

The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation
The URI Graduate School of Oceanography


URI Coastal Institute; URI Honors Program.

Special Sponsors:

URI College of Arts & Sciences
URI Harrington School of Communication and Media
Rhode Island Sea Grant

Colloquium Coordinators:

Professor Steven D'Hondt, Graduate School of Oceanography;
Dr. Sunshine Menezes, Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting, Graduate School of Oceanography;
Professor Arthur Spivack, Graduate School of Oceanography;
Professor Judith Swift, Coastal Institute / Communication Studies.