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Honors Colloquium

Map Exhibit

What if All the Polar Ice Melted?
-- Paul Jordan

Jordan poster

If the world's ice sheets completely melted, enough water would be added to the global oceans to raise sea level by 67 meters (220 feet). This would drastically reshape the geography of Southern New England, as shown in this map...

Click here for a PDF version of the map (8.5 Mb), or for a smaller image, just click on the map above.

Human Activities Have Profoundly Changed the Rhode Island Landscape: The Village of Richmond Provides an Example -- Roland Duhaime, URI Environmental Data Center

Duhaime poster

The Scituate Reservoir, completed in 1925, was built to supply water for the greater City of Providence. Flooding for the reservoir inundated six villages, one of them being the village of Richmond in the Town of Scituate...

Click here for a PDF version of the map (1.5 Mb), or for a smaller image, just click on the map above.

You can also take a 3D Video Tour of Richmond Village before the reservoir, or explore in Google Earth (click here to download latest version). To access the file in Firefox, simply click here. Using Internet Explorer, you'll need to save the file to your computer. Right click on the link above, and click on "Save Target As..." Once you have saved the file, simply open it in Google Earth.

Six Meter Rise: Implications for Providence -- Jim Lucht & Haidee Janak, The Providence Plan

Duhaime poster

The Union of Concerned Scientists believes that it is possible to see a global sea level rise of up to Six Meters (~20 feet) in the next 100 years due to the accelerated ice sheet melt. This project illustrates and quantifies the well as property...losses due to human caused sea level rise...

Click here for a PDF version of the map (3.5 Mb), or for a smaller image, just click on the map above.

Major Sponsor:

The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation

Sustaining Sponsors:

URI Office of the President; URI Honors Program; The Mark and Donna Ross Honors Colloquium Humanities Endowment; The Thomas Silvia and Shannon Chandley Honors Colloquium Endowment.

Leadership Sponsors:

URI Graduate School of Oceanography and URI College of Arts and Sciences.


Environmental Data Center, URI Department of Natural Resources Science; R.I. Center for the Book at Providence Public Library; R.I. Office of Library and Information Services; R.I. Sea Grant College Program; U.S. E.P.A. Office of Research and Development, Atlantic Ecology Division; URI Classroom Media Services; URI Coastal Institute; URI College of Business Administration; URI College of Engineering; URI College of the Environment and Life Sciences; URI College of Human Science and Services; URI College of Nursing; URI College of Pharmacy; URI Division of Student Affairs; URI Division of University Advancement and the URI Alumni Association; URI Foundation; URI Office of the Provost; URI Office of the Vice President for Administration; URI Office of the Vice Provost for Information Technology Services; URI University College.

Colloquium Coordinators:

Professor Steven D'Hondt, Graduate School of Oceanography;
Professor Arthur Spivack, Graduate School of Oceanography;
Professor Judith Swift, Theatre and Communication Studies.

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