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Honors Colloquium

Reel Bites

Kathryn Moran , URI Graduate School of Oceanography.

Kathryn (Kate) Moran is a University of Rhode Island (URI) Professor with a joint appointment in the Graduate School of Oceanography and the Department of Ocean Engineering. She is also a registered Professional Engineer and the Associate Dean for Research and Administration, Graduate School of Oceanography.

Moran co-led the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program’s Arctic Coring Expedition which recovered the first paleoclimate record from the central Arctic Ocean. She also led one of the first offshore expeditions to investigate the seafloor following the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

Previously, she was the Director of the international Ocean Drilling Program; managed mission-specific drilling platform operations in the North Atlantic and Arctic; designed and developed oceanographic tools; participated in more than 35 offshore expeditions; and has served as Chair and member of national and international science and engineering advisory committees and panels.

Professor Moran is active in public outreach (through public lectures, national panel discussions, and teacher training) on global climate change. Currently, Moran is spearheading a research initiative on Offshore Renewable Energy at the University of Rhode Island.

All clips were filmed, directed, edited by Mary Healey Jamiel, Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island, serving jointly in Film Media and Communication Studies.

Paton Video

****Peter Paton

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****Candace Oviatt

Lohmann Video

****Rainer Lohmann

Ginis Video

****Isaac Ginis

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****Art Gold

Mather Video

****Tom Mather

Moran Video

****Kate Moran

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****Michael Pilson

Robinson Video

****Rebecca Robinson

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****Scott Nixon