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Fall 2012 Honors Colloquium

Gregory Poland (October 7)
Vaccines in the 21st Century: Innumeracy, Cognitive Biases, the Power of Story, and Other Survival Lessons


Gregory Poland is an internationally successful physician-scientist in vaccines, viral diseases, and biodefense. He has received the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service, the Charles Merieux Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award in Immunology and Vaccines, is the immediate past president of the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board and the Defense Health Board, current President of the Edward Jenner Society, editor-in-chief of the professional journal VACCINE, and the inaugural recipient of the Hsu International Infectious Disease Epidemiology Award. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters by his alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan University.

Dr. Poland has worked closely with scientific societies, the Department of Defense, Federal advisory committees, colleges and universities, and both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

His engaging high-energy presentations always result in him being rated the top speaker at any conference or keynote he participates in. Dr. Poland blends his humor and experience, the eye of a scientist, the heart of a poet, and the passion of his beliefs into unique (often multimedia) presentations that leave audiences wanting more!

Dr. Poland speaks about health and wellness, the psychology of decision-making, work-life issues, productivity and success, and happiness. His opinions are frequently sought nationally and he is frequently interviewed by major print and broadcast media (ABC Nightly News, NBC Evening News, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, St. Petersburg Times, Minneapolis Star and Tribune, Jim Lehrer News Hour, PBS, and many others).




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