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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Administration, Policies and Procedures

Administrative offices and departments, faculty senate, RIBOG, academic plans, town meetings, state holidays, and university policies and procedures.

Advance Project, The

Enhancing the academic careers of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Benefits and Retirement

Health insurance, life insurance, retirement information and other benefits.

Community Information

Area attraction, beaches, shopping, campus dining and area restaurants.

Computing and Technology Resources

A complete list of computing and technology-related services and resources for faculty and staff.

Internet Resources

Search engines, citing Internet sources, World Lecture Hall, list of American, Canadian and international colleges and universities and more.

Leisure and Recreation

Recreational sports, theatre, music, campus and community events.

Professional Development

Tenure and promotion, PDLOT, faculty fellows program, academic associations and organizations, and other training opportunities.

Promotion and Tenure Format

From Donald H. DeHayes, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Research Resources

Research Office, research grants program, statistical resources and database tools, funding opportunities and more.

Services and Resources

Library, copy and design, printing, career counseling, parking, travel and more.

Teaching Resources

Academic calendar, class roster, exam grading, classroom scheduling, creating Sakai accounts, and more.

University Administration

Meet the University's administrative officers.

Work-Life Resources

Information and resources to help you balance your life, inside and outside of work.