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Course Schedules and Catalog

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Schedule of Courses
List of course offerings from e-Campus that include time of meeting, location, and instructor assigned for each individual courses.
Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog
Posted both as separate sections in HTML and as a complete book in PDF. The PDF files can be downloaded to your hard drive and viewed offline.
Course Information
Detailed description of each course by discipline in alphabetical order.
Summer Sessions
Information about summer school at URI, directions, parking, contact phone numbers.
Technology Short Courses
No-credit and no-fee. Open to all members of the University community. The topics listed below provide detailed information.
Continuing Education
The URI Providence Campus has been serving older students (average age is 40) for fifty-four years. Include information on academic programs, fees & tuitions, course schedule....
URI Online
Taking online courses at URI.
Study Abroad
URI offers students the opportunity to participate in programs around the world and at any of the 21 English and French speaking universities on an exchange basis.

Academic Resources

Academic Registration