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Scenes from The University of Rhode Island

Map of Narraganset Bay Campus

Travel Directions
Download Bay Campus Map in PDF

map of the Bay Campus

  1. Aquarium Annex
  2. Aquarium Building
  3. Aquaculture Facility
  4. Bunker C
  5. Center for Atmospheric Chemistry Studies
  6. Coastal Institute Building
  7. EPA/Atlantic Ecology Division
  8. Fish Laboratory/Administration
  9. Furtado Building/Central Receiving
  10. Horn Laboratory
  11. Maintenance Building/Marine Office
  12. Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory (MERL)
  13. Marine Building
  14. Marine Geological Samples Laboratory
  15. Marine Resources Building
  16. Middleton Building/South Laboratory
  17. Mosby Center/Food Service
  18. NOAA/NMFS/Northeast Fisheries
  19. Ocean technology Center/Equipment Development Laboratory
  20. Pell Marine Science Library/Challenger Room
  21. Perkins Small Boat Facility
  22. Research Vessel Pier
  23. Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center
  24. Sheets Building/Ocean Engineering Department
  25. Technical Services Building Center
  26. URI Foundation Annex
  27. Watkins Laboratory/Corless Auditorium

     A. Coastal Institute Parking Lot
     B. Lower Parking Lot
     C. Upper Parking Lot
     D. Horn Laboratory Parking Lot
     E. Ocean Engineering Parking Lot

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