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University Honors Program

Early Registration

Honors students are among the most active students on campus. They often carry the maximum number of credits, participate actively in the intellectual and artistic life of the university, pursue independent research, hold leadership positions on campus and are involved in many community groups and activities. To enable them to maintain their high level of engagement and still pursue a rigorous course of academic study, the University has granted Honors students the privilege of early enrollment dates.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for early registration, Honors students must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Have a cumulative URI grade point average of 3.30 or higher;
  • Have completed at least once Honors course (ever)*; and
  • Make satisfactory progress towards Honors Program requirements by having completed at least one Honors course within the previous two semesters (academic year) or be enrolled in an Honors course during the current semester (e.g., to be eligible for early registration for Spring 2015, students must have taken a course in Fall 2013, J Term 2014, Spring 2014, or Summer 2014, or be currently enrolled in a Fall 2014 course)

*Exception: Second-semester freshmen who are enrolled in their first Honors course in the spring and have a 3.3+ URI GPA are exempted from this requirement and will be invited to complete early registration for the fall.

Early registration is not automatic. At the beginning of each semester, eligible students are notified about the opportunity to register early for courses the following semester. To receive early registration, eligible Honors students must complete all of the following requirements:

  • Attend a group advising session with an Honors advisor (schedule is announced at the beginning of each semester, with eligibility notification);
  • Declare your intent to complete the Honors Program and file a form indicating your progress towards program completion; and
  • Meet with your major or University College advisor to discuss how best to integrate Honors requirements with your program(s) of study; have your advisor sign your Honors form and submit the signed copy to the Honors Program office by the specified deadline. Failure to submit the form on time will result in loss of eligibility for early registration the next semester.


Congratulations, accepted students!

Notifications of Honors eligibility will be emailed mid-February.




Morgan Breene, '14, an Anthropology and History major who earned a highly prestigious Marshall Scholarship to continue her studies of underwater archaeological sites in the UK. (Watch this short video to learn more!)

Alyssa Neill, '14, a Nutrition & Dietetics major and Honors student was one of only 61 juniors nationwide to be awarded the prestigious Truman Scholarship in 2013. Selected for her academic achievement, leadership ability and commitment to a career in public service, Alyssa received a $30,000 scholarship for graduate study, attended a Truman leadership institute, and has joined the ranks of a global network of Truman Scholars.

Juniors Christopher Bobba (Chemical Engineering/Biological Sciences) and Russell Dauksis (Marine Biology) who have been named as Goldwater Scholars, and to Farid Topchiev (Chemical Engineering and German) who has received a Goldwater Honorable Mention! See their URI Press release to learn more.

Brian Stack (senior History/Philosophy) who has received a prestigious Humanity in Action Fellowship!

URI Honors Student Megan O'Brien has been awarded a 2012-2013 Fulbright Scholarship to Iceland. Read more about Meghan's story here, and follow her blog!

Brittany O'Brien has been awarded a 2012 National Security Education Program (NSEP) Boren Scholarship to study Swahili in Kenya for the fall semester. Brittany has also been granted an NSEP African Languages Initiative Summer Supplement to study Swahili at the University of Florida prior to her departure.

These six URI sophomores who won Hollings Scholarships from NOAA this year: Michael Canton, Eilea Knotts, Sarah Merolla, Benjamin Sevey, Callie Veelenturf and Brenton Wallin. Read more in their URI Press Release.

Farid Topchiev, who has been awarded two prestigious scholarships to study in Germany - the DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship and the Whitaker Undergraduate Scholarship!












General inquiries:

Honors Director:
Lynne Derbyshire, 401.874.4732

Associate Director:
Cheryl Foster, 401.874.4022

Associate Director:
Carolyn Hames, 401.874.2813

Assistant Director:
Kathleen Maher, 401.874.5875

Program Coordinator:
Deborah Gardiner, 401.874.2303

Program Specialist:
Caitlin Green, 401.874.9483

Honors Lecturer/Advisor:

Nancy Caronia, 401.874.2267

Pre-Health Lecturer/Advisor:

Brian Clinton, 401.874.2576