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Required and Recommended Coursework

“Pre‐Health" is not a major, and students from any major can opt to follow a pre-health curriculum in conjunction with their major and general education requirements.

Professional schools expect applicants to pursue a challenging, broad-based undergraduate education. However, you should be careful to never take more credits than you can manage successfully. Successful applicants will achieve a grade point average of 3.5 and above.

Provided below are curriculum sheets, including required and recommended coursework, for students preparing for medical, dental, optometry, and physician assistant (PA) programs. Students preparing for health professional graduate programs must complete these pre-requisites in addition to (or in conjunction with) their major requirements and general education requirements. Pre-health students are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Honors Program.

URI Pre-Requisite Coursework for Medical School

URI Pre-Requisite Coursework for Dental School

URI Pre-Requisite Coursework for Optometry School

URI Pre-Requisite Coursework for Physician Assistant Graduate Programs


Pre-requisites should be completed before applying to programs. For students preparing for medical, dental, or optometry school, pre-requisites should also be completed before taking the required entrance examination (MCAT, DAT, OAT). (Note: For pre-dental students physics is the one exception, which is required for admission but is not on the DAT.) It is strongly recommended that pre-requisites be taken during the regular semesters at URI (not summer and not online). Many health professional graduate programs require a C or better in pre-requisite courses.

In addition to strong academics and entrance exam scores, applicants to health professional graduate programs are expected to have shadowed practitioners, sought out other relevant experiences, and demonstrated a strong desire to serve others. Research experience is not required, but competitive applicants often partake in research.

Pre-Health Program

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