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Jessica Adefusika

1.) What was the full name of the program you got into?
Mayo Medical School - MD program

2.) What exactly does the program offer and what got you interested in it over other schools?
It offers block scheduling with selectives incorporated for research, traveling abroad, shadowing, and basically career exploration. Plus Mayo places a great deal of their medical education on teaching patient-centered care. Last but not least, Mayo Clinic is a world renowed institution.

3.) What was the application process like?
All the applications are VERY LONG & TEDIOUS involving many essays, but Mayo does not have secondary applications, so it was easier than the other schools. The only time I had to impress them was with my primary application with AAMC and then my interview.

4.) What do you hope to do in the field of medicine and why?
I am not sure what I want to specialize in yet, but I know that I will receive the best training here so that when its time to make the choice in 3 years, I will be confident with my decision. As of the moment though, I am interested in family medicine, general surgery and palliative medicine.

5.) Please provide a brief background on yourself (how you got to URI, what you do/study here, etc).
I am originally from Lagos, Nigeria. My family moved to RI in 1998 and after attending middle & high school in RI, I enrolled at URI in 2006 through the talent development program. I started as a Biological Science major, switched to Microbiology, then finally settled in Medical Laboratory Science because it incorporated my love for science and people together. The MLS major involved a year-long internship at RI Hospital Pathology department, where I got to draw blood, test specimens, analyze test results and then help determine the diagnosis for some patients. Overall, I enjoyed my experiences at URI and I am proud to say that it got me where I am today.

6.) Do you have any advice for students considering medicine?
Spend time on the primary application for AAMC and make sure that you add important details to the extracurricular actiivities section. The selection committee likes well-rounded applicants and those things you write will get them to know more about you and your interests. They might even bring up your hobbies during interviews. Lastly, Be persistent and dont give up on your dream of becoming a doctor. If it doesn't work out the first time, take a year or more to strengthen your application (eg: research, NIH, work in hospitals/clinical labs) and REAPPLY. Good luck to you all. Cant wait to call you Docs in the future.

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