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Elementary Teacher Education Program


The Elementary Education Program is a fully accredited certification program that prepares teachers of children in grades 1-6. The curriculum offers a balanced program of academic preparation and professional training. Preparation of beginning teachers includes: a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences; competence in communication skills; a rich understanding of the content and modes of thinking in the disciplines they will teach; a growing understanding of learners and how they develop; development of teaching skills to address the needs of all types of learners; and skills in assessing both learner and self. The required professional courses contribute directly to understanding the teacher's role in society and to the development of teaching skills. Students apply for admission to the program in January of their sophomore year; admission is competitive. Elementary Education undergraduates are double majors. In addition to elementary education they must select a major in the College of Arts and Sciences (Biology is an exception-see your elementary education advisor about this major) in addition to the major in Elementary Education and must fulfill the Basic Liberal Studies requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Majors in Biology, English, Mathematics, History, or foreign language are encouraged as they provide an opportunity for the candidate to pursue a middle level or ESL endorsement. Teacher Certification Program/Masters of Arts (TCP/MA) degree candidates must have a B.A. or B.S. in order to apply to the program.

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Elementary Education Program Admissions Requirements and Application Deadlines for Undergraduate and MA/TCP candidates:

  • The application process requires candidates to: submit an application, construct a portfolio, and be interviewed by program faculty.
  • The application process begins with portfolio training sessions offered every fall semester. These sessions are listed on the SOE website and are open to all interested applicants.
  • An application checklist is provided for the elementary education application process.
  • Candidates apply in January. Undergraduates must have sophomores standing (40-45 credits). In order to apply for admission, you must have at least a 2.50 overall GPA, as well as a 2.50 GPA in education and your Arts and Science major prior to application. MA/TCP candidates must have at least a 2.50 GPA from their undergraduate degree. Please note that no exceptions are made for the GPA requirement. Any GPA lower than a 2.50 (i.e. 2.49) means you can not apply.
  • Transfer students can apply for admission after one full semester (12 credits) at URI and sophomore standing. Admission decisions are pending until one full academic year (24 credits) has been completed at URI.
  • All applicants must pass the PRAXIS I examination (Math 171, Reading 172, Writing 171) or have 1100 (not including writing) on their SAT test prior to applying to the program. It is recommended that those needing to take the PRAXIS I do so prior to the beginning of their sophomore year in case sections need to be retaken to achieve passing scores. Complete test scores are due at the time of application. No exceptions are made to this requirement.
  • Admission interviews are by appointment only and occur in February.Sign up for your interview in person when you submit your application. Portfolios are brought to the interview.
  • TCP/MA candidates also need to submit their graduate school application simultaneous to their elementary education program application. Place a copy of the front page of your graduate application in your admission portfolio and attach a copy to your application.
  • Program applications are submitted to the Office of Teacher Education, 701 Chafee Social Science Building.
Test of Basic Skills

The PRAXIS I-PPST Academic Skills Assessments in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing are required for all applicants to teacher education programs unless you earn an 1100 or higher on your SAT exam. For details about the tests, visit PPST Basic Skills Test.

MA/TCP candidates also need to submit their graduate school application simultaneous to their elementary education program application. Place a copy of the front page of your graduate application in your admission portfolio.

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Download application form for the Elementary Education Program in PDF (42 KB)

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  • The URI / RIC Ph.D in Education will have Information Session for prospective students on:
    Saturday, 10/31, from 9-11:30 a.m.
    Donovan South on the RIC Campus.