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School of Education - Teacher Education Program

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For each address and phone number below, please indicate your preference for the order in which we use these, using 1 for the address or phone number you wish us to use first, and 2 for your second priority address and phone number.

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6. Academic Status:

(Secondary and music applicants only)

7. Academic Program:

Secondary applicants only: Please check intended specialty area(s):
English     Biology     Chemistry     Mathematics    
Physics     History and Social Studies     General Science    
Spanish     Italian     French     Latin     German     Chinese

Elementary and Secondary applicants only:

All applicants:

Master's in Special Education

Early Childhood and Elementary applicants only:

Secondary applicants only:

* Competitive admissions means that a limited number of positions are available in Teacher Education Programs and that some qualified applicants may be denied admission. A faculty committee reviews all applications.


The information on this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


The information below is requested but not required. This self-identification will be used only to describe our student body and for our program evaluation purposes.
Date of birth ,


The University of Rhode Island is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer.