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Scenes from the School of Education

School of Education

Masters of Arts in Education

Adult Education

Program Requirements

The minimum program requirements include courses in the following 3 categories:

Core Courses || Specialization Areas || Non-Thesis or Thesis

Other Adult Education Courses

Core Courses   

The following courses are required:




EDC 505

Leadership Development for Adult Programs


EDC 529

Foundations of Educational Research


EDC 583

Planning, Design and Development of Adult Learning Systems


EDC 584

The Adult and the Learning Process


Specialization Areas

Students must complete 5 courses in the specialization area of their choice. Students choose one of the following areas of specialization, or may design a specialization to meet their own individual needs and interests.

These specializations may include specified courses and/or elective courses from a number of other departments and colleges within the University.

Non-Thesis or Thesis courses

Students must complete one of the following:




EDC 575

Supervised Field Practicum in Adult Education


EDC 599

Masters Thesis Research


A written comprehensive examination is required of all non-thesis degree candidates. This exam is taken after all the coursework has been completed.

Other Adult Education Courses

These courses may be taken as part of a student's specialization:



EDC 500

Foundations of Adult Education

EDC 504

Adult Basic Education

EDC 516

Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults

EDC 521

Teaching Basic Reading to Adults

EDC 522

Microcomputer Applications in Education

EDC 539

Evaluation and Monitoring of Training Programs

EDC 581

Organizing and Administering Adult Programs

EDC 582

Instructional Systems Development for Adult Programs


Course Description
Specialization Areas

3 Year Projection of Courses (2014-2017)

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