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John Boulmetis, Program Coordinator

Kathy Guglielmi




The University of Rhode Island offers individuals who work with adults in learning situations the opportunity to enroll in a program of advanced graduate study. The program in Adult Education, offered through the School of Education in the College of Human Science and Services, leads to a Master of Arts degree.

The program is designed to develop the competencies and skills needed in helping adults learn. It also allows for specialized study in several professional areas.

Admission to the Program 

Persons wishing to be admitted to the program must hold the baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution by the time they begin their graduate studies at URI. A self-administered application package may be obtained from the Graduate Admissions Office, downloaded from the URI Graduate School Website or completed on line. The following material must be included in the packet:

  • two copies of the completed application form 
  • two official copies of the transcripts of all previous college and 
    post-baccalaureate work, sealed by the Registrar in the envelopes provided
  • a minimum of two letters of recommendation from instructors, employers, or supervisors, sealed by the referees in the envelope provided
  • some experience in the field of Adult Education 


Program Requirements
Specialization Areas
3 Year Projection of Courses (2009-2012)
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