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Masters of Arts with Teacher Certification

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The University of Rhode Island offers a Master of Arts in Education with Teacher Certification Program (MATCP) for students seeking initial Rhode Island Teacher Certification while working toward a master’s degree in Education. Basically, this program is for candidates who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree and who wish to obtain a Rhode Island Teacher Certificate within the master’s program. Admission to this program requires that you submit a Graduate School Application and complete the interview and Admissions Portfolio process. 

Students who have completed a major in the subject area they expect to teach (English, history, foreign language, mathematics, general science, biology, chemistry, physics, or social studies) may count those courses toward the requirements for teacher certification. For example, if you completed a major in English - Shakespeare and British Literature courses taken as an undergraduate may count toward certification in secondary English. See specific undergraduate course requirements in the specialization areas.

Certification requires a minimum of 30 credits within your subject area. To determine how many courses are required for your completion of the program, you can match course requirements with undergraduate transcripts. A formal course of study listing all required courses will be completed after admission to the program.

As a master’s degree candidate, you are required to take 3 graduate level courses for 9 credits total in your subject area (e.g., biology, French, history). At least 15 credits for the MA must be taken at the 500 or 600 level. You should confer with your advisor regarding the selection of the 3 graduate level courses. You may be able to take master's level courses which meet the content requirements for teacher certification, thereby meeting both certification and master's requirements at once.

Certification Requirements

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