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M.M. Music Education


Advisor: Dr. Audrey Cardany


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Students playing musical instruments

The primary goal of the graduate music program is to encourage students at the graduate level to develop both their musical skills and their intellectual capacities to the fullest. The Graduate Program in Music aims to provide advanced preparation for student careers in performance and music education with specializations in research, conducting, composition, or performance. Care has also been taken to ensure that the Graduate Program in Music will make a significant contribution to career opportunities for master’s degree students in New England. The master’s degree can serve either as a professional terminal degree or as an intermediate degree for those intending to pursue further study in music at other departments, schools, or conservatories of music in the United States and abroad.  The Graduate Program in Music hopes to foster in each student lifelong pursuit of excellence in music, a desire to take an active role in his/her personal professional development, and a commitment to be active in the cultural community and in professional organization.

Specific goals of the Graduate Music Program are:

  • to create an ideal environment for advanced studies in music education and performance
  • to provide rigorous evaluation of degree candidates through placement, qualifying and comprehensive exams,
  • to offer individual guidance for major research, conducting, composition, and performance projects, and
  • to provide an upgrading of skills for those already in the field of music education or performance.


Program Requirements

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