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M.S. Physical Education



URI Physical Education Program

The Master of Science Degree in Physical Education prepares candidates to:Students exercising

  • Develop competencies in analyzing criteria and procedures for curriculum planning and evaluation courses in physical education
  • Critically appraise problems and procedures for administering a physical education program studied from the viewpoint of the physical education administrator, the school administrator, and the faculty
  • Demonstrate competencies in experimental, laboratory, curricular and historical research
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the political, economic, and social ideologies as they relate to the processes of teacher education in general, and in physical education teaching specifically

Admission Requirements

MAT or GRE with B.S. degree in physical education, health, or physical education and sport science. In exceptional cases, a candidate without a major in physical education or a related area but with a strong emphasis in the health and wellness field is accepted.

Program Requirements

For thesis option, 30 credits, including core courses KIN 530, and 599. For nonthesis option, 33 credits, including core courses KIN 530, 591, and a written master's comprehensive examination. Required courses for each concentration include the following: exercise science experimental track: EXS 531, 559, and 562; exercise science clinical track: EXS 559, 565, 581, and KIN 592; teaching and administration: KIN 510, 520, and 550; psychosocial perspectives: KIN 578 or EXS 581. Additionally, recommended electives are indicated for each program concentration.


URI Physical Education Program

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