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Scenes from the School of Education

School of Education

Office of Teacher Education

College of Human Sciences and Services

701 Chafee Building, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881

 Meredith Benvenuto, Janet Deignan, and Annie Kammerer of the Office of Teacher Education

Mrs. Annie Kammerer - Director
Janet Deignan - Secretary

Erin Ward - GA
401-874-9102 (fax)

Welcome to the Office of Teacher Education!

The OTE provides support and guidance to students on the pathway to becoming a teacher, beginning with admissions, and continuing beyond completion of both initial and advanced Certification Programs. Our goal is to provide support and accurate information to prospective and current students in the areas listed below. Our office works closely with School of Education faculty and staff. Through field placements and student teaching, we also provide all aspiring teachers in our programs a critical connection to real world settings in Rhode Island schools where students will have the opportunity to support learning in a variety of classrooms, and deepen their understanding of the complex art of teaching. I look forward to working with all students - whether they are just exploring the idea of becoming a teacher, or preparing to apply for certification.

Sincerely yours,

Annie G. Kammerer,

M.A. Education



Advisement: The OTE provides initial advisement to prospective graduate applicants to teacher certification programs, and connects students with the appropriate advisor for further exploration and guidance. During the year, if a student is unable to contact his or her advisor, we will provide interim support, and assure that appropriate progress is made toward educational goals.

Admissions: Application for all certification programs begins at the OTE.  

Field Placements: Most field placements are secured through our office in the variety of districts across the state.

Clearance for Student Teaching: All critical documents required to be cleared for student teaching are submitted by students to the OTE. These include Criminal Background checks, TB tests, and licensure test scores.  

Student Teaching Placements: The OTE works collaboratively with URI program leaders and supervisors, along with district representatives and school principals, to secure student teaching placements with highly qualified cooperating teachers. We strive to place students with exemplary mentors who are committed to collaborate with our students as they develop skills and strategies that promote learning for all students, and develop confidence in the classroom. Students are not permitted to arrange their own placements. 

Certification: Once students complete certification programs, it is time to apply for certification. Some students will apply only in Rhode Island; others will apply to other states as well. The OTE provides clear materials to Program leaders and advisors about the necessary steps to apply successfully to the Rhode Island Department of Education for certification. Our office also completes required forms for other states. When students decide at a later date to move to another state, our office provides support in completing official forms that may be required. We are committed to helping you take your hard-earned credentials to states far and wide.