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Scenes from URI and RIC

Ph.D. in Education

The Faculty

All students in the Program have their own Doctoral Committee of four (in some unusual cases, five) professors (at least two from each campus).  These individual Doctoral Committees have the primary responsibility as mentors during the years of doctoral work, culminating in the dissertation. The chair of a Doctoral Committee--known as the Major Professor--serves as a student's overall academic advisor and as the chair of the dissertation.  Only the members of the program faculty (about 20 members of the graduate faculty from each campus) are eligible to serve as Major Professor.

See the list of program faculty below with their office locations, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.  Concise profiles of professors’ research interests follow their names. By clicking on a given name, you will obtain information on a professor’s background, teaching, and publications.


(C) = Rhode Island College    (U) = University of Rhode Island

All area codes are 401

Where available, individual faculty pages include selected research publications. These citations are hyperlinked to the corresponding PDF document.

Please note that you must install Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher to read these documents.


(U)Adamy, Peter


#613 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Use of technology in the classroom


(C)August, Gerri 456-8830 Henry Barnard School 207-3

Research Interests:

  • Transformative pedagogy
  • Training teachers on diversity

(C)Barton, Jim


#210 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Literacy and comprehension instruction

(C)Bigler, Ellen


#217-1 Henry Barnard

Research Interests:

  • Multicultural education reform
  • Identity formation

(C)Bogad, Lesley


#207 Henry Barnard

Research Interests:

  • Critical Theory 

(U)Boulmetis, John


#604 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Program planning and evaluation
  • Adult education and training
  • Career and technical education

(U)Brady, Susan A.


#23 Cancer Prevention Research Center

Research Interests:

  • Reading and phonemic awareness 

(U)Branch, Katie


#221 Quinn Hall

Research Interests:

  • Adult development and learning 

(U)Brand, Susan Trostle


#702 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Emergent literacy
  • Early childhood curriculum

(C)Brell, C. David


#222 Henry Barnard

Research Interests:

  • Philosophy of education
  • Critiques of modernism and post-modernism

(U)Byrd, David


#708 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • The preparation of beginning teachers. 
  • Teacher professional development.



(C)Castagno, Karen


#102 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Adapted physical education and sport

(U)Ciccomascolo, Lori


#114 - 210 Flagg Road

Research Interests:

  • Physical education and physical activity in urban populations

(U)Coiro, Julie


#615 Chafee Building

URI Co-Director

Research Interests:

  • Reading comprehension and online learning

(C)Cordeiro, Patricia


#217 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Evidence of children's developing understanding of language. 
  • The teacher's role in classrooms of good practice.

(U)Deeney, Terry


#604 Chafee Building

Research Interests:

  • Reading, phonology, and dialect

(U)de Groot, Cornelis (Kees)


Chafee Building

Research Interests:

  • Realistic Teacher Education
  • Learning Transitions in Mathematics
  • Mathematics Interdisciplinary Connections

(C)Dufour, Ronald


#208 Gaige

Research Interests: 

  • Cultural discourse in 18th and early 19th century New England.
  • Creation of the National Identity in the Early Republic
  • Jazz, Blues, and American Culture

(U)Eichinger, Joanne


#607 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Effective instructional practices in inclusive classrooms
(U)Fogleman, Jay 874-4161 10 Chafee Hall
  • Science Education
  • Professional Development and Teacher Learning
(C)Goodrow, Anne 456-8830 Horace Mann 45

Research Interests:

  • Children's mathematical thinking
  • Teachers' professional development in elementary mathematics

(U)Hammadou Sullivan, JoAnn


Swann Hall

Research Interests:

  • Second language acquisition/reading
  • Teacher evaluation

(U)Hicks, Sandy Jean


#609 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Social Studies teaching and learning
  • K-12 classroom technology integration
  • Effects of teacher professional development
(U)Hobbs, Renee 874-2110  
  • Digital and media literacy education
  • Educational multimedia
  • Copyright and fair use in education
  • Student multimedia production
(C)Horwitz, Julie 456-9013 Henry Barnard 218
  • New teacher mentoring
  • Self-study
  • Critical reflection
  • Action research

(C)Johnson, Janet


#222 Henry Barnard

RIC Co-Director

Research Interests:

  • Literacies associated with social justice
  • Identity performances and literacy practices of pre-service teachers
  • Teacher research as a vehicle for social change
(C)LaCava, Paul 456-9703 Horace Mann 061

Research Interests:

  • Social/emotional methods
  • Evidence based practices in autism
  • Empathy
(C)Lynch, Marie 456-8763 Horace Mann 059
  • Secondary Special Education
  • Inclusive practices in the general education setting
  • Mathematics for all students
  • Learning Disabilities

(C)Kochanek, Thomas


#056 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Vulnerability in infancy and early childhood. 
  • Creating programs and interventions that maximize favorable outcomes for young children and their families.

(U)Kovarsky, Dana


#101 Fernwood

Research Interests:

  • Language, culture, and face-to-face interaction

(U)McCurdy, Karen


Transition Center (URI)

Research Interests:

  • Parenting, program evaluation, and child health
(C)McKamey, Corinne 456-8995 #065 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Youth Development
  • Formal and informal learning contexts
  • The role of subjectivity in research, teaching, and learning
  • Qualitative research methods (narrative analysis, cultural analysis of discourse, arts based mehods)

(C)Niska, John


Henry Barnard

Research Interests:

  • Advocacy and advisory programs and middle level issues

(C)Ozcan, Mustafa


# 207 Henry Barnard

Research Interests:

  • Social and cultural foundations of education, service learning and human relations issues.
(U)Peno, Kathy 874-4875 603, Chafee Building
  • Learning organizations
  • Social cognition
  • Adult development
  • Informal learning

(C)Ramocki, Stephen


#217 Alger Hall

Research Interests:

  • Creativity and Students

(U)Roush, Susan


#116 Quinn Hall

Research Interests:

  • Disability studies

(C)Rowell, Elizabeth


#208 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Ethnographic study of emergent literacy in preschools.
  • Private nonprofit pre-schools and literacy.
  • The extent and type of multicultural coverage found in “big books” for early readers.
  • Content analysis of images of literacy in notable American children’s books.
  • The use of selected books to promote an anti-biased stance in young children.

(U)Seitsinger, Anne


#608 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • School Reform

(U)Shim, Minsuk


#707 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Quantitative research methods in examining school effects and changes. 
  • Educational equity.
  • Policy analysis.

(C)Stieglitz, Ezra


#214 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Reading in the content areas.
  • Technology in instruction.
  • Developing higher level thinking skills.
  • ESL literacy.
  • Education in the United Kingdom.
  • Literacy assessment.
(C)Sullivan, Eileen 456-8593 #103 Horace Mann

Research Interests:

  • Examination of effective teaching practices
  • Evaluation of teaching behaviors
  • Program and curriculum assessment
  • Professional development and learning experiences for teachers
  • The role of movement to reinforce content in the classroom
  • Benefits of movement, physical activity, and the New Physical Education and Health Education

(U)Willis, George


#174 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Curriculum and qualitative/naturalistic research.
(U)Vaccaro, Annemarie 874-2270 #220 Quinn Hall

Research Interests:

  • College student development and gender, race, class and sexual orientation.
  • Critical and feminist perspectives related to inequalities in society and social structures such as higher education.
  • Dr. Vaccaro primarily uses qualitative inquiry.

(U)Willis, W. Grant


#415 Chafee Hall

Research Interests:

  • Developmental cognitive neuro-psychology and psycho-educational decision making.
(U)Xiao, Jing Jian 874-2547 202 Transition Center
  • Family financial issues
  • Family resource management
  • Research method


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