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Scenes from URI and RIC

Ph.D. in Education

History and Mission of an Innovative Program

The Ph.D. Program in Education began in 1995 as a collaborative effort of Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island.  Start-up funding for the Program came from a generous grant by the Feinstein Foundation, which has provided extensive support for programs to enhance Rhode Island’s public and private schools, colleges, and universities.  In recognition of the Foundation’s central role in launching the PhD program in Education, its doctoral students are known as Feinstein Fellows.

This collaborative program, in addition to drawing on the resources of two strong institutions, has several other features that distinguish it from most doctoral programs in education nationwide.  It has a very specific and clearly designed focus, which applies to all of its students. It has been designed as an inclusive program for the crucial mission of preparing individuals who seek to advance their research knowledge and skills for the purpose of creating and supporting positive change in diverse educational settings.

Candidates in our program will be trained to integrate three essential roles as:

  • transformational thinkers,
  • engaged scholars, and
  • thoughtful contributors to public discourse and policy.

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