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Scenes from URI and RIC

Ph.D. in Education

Our Ph.D. in Education program offers a unique way for reform-minded individuals to advance their research knowledge and skills in order to address educational problems in a variety of settings. Our students take advantage of the expertise of faculty from both the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College.

The URI/RIC Ph.D. in Education program prepares individuals to:

  • examine current theory and research in various educational areas,
  • utilize both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to design studies of pressing questions in education,
  • design and implement reform in many educational settings, and
  • work collaboratively with professional teams to develop multiple perspectives on current educational issues.

The program allows working professionals to pursue this advanced study as: 

  • coursework is sequenced to allow for part-time study, and
  • all required courses begin no earlier than 4:00 pm to accommodate work schedules.

Join us to become part of a professional network of graduates of the URI/RIC Ph.D. in Education program who are using the knowledge and experiences they acquired in our program to address educational issues in public and private educational settings from pre-kindergarten through high school, from undergraduate to graduate higher education, and in various adult education settings.