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School of Education

Unit Assessment System

The assessment system for evaluating URI candidates/students in teacher education programs is outlined in the link below. The purpose of this system is to ensure that you as a candidate have opportunities to master critical tasks aligned to state and national educator standards.  These tasks include the ability to plan and deliver instruction and assess student learning within classroom settings. Candidates considering applying and those accepted into the School of Education can view the benchmark assessments that are reviewed at admission to a program, prior to student teaching or final practicum, and at program exit.
See link below:

  • Candidate Program Assessment PlansStudent teacher working with students

The core basis for the School of Education's assessment system was build within the Conceptual Framework

The School of Education's assessment system can be viewed independently in the Unit Assessment System

The School of Education follows a Strategic Plan to facilitate the assessment system.

Candidate Electronic Portfolio System (TaskStream formerly TrueOutcomes)

The School of Education utilizes an electronic portfolio assessment system for all education programs at the University of Rhode Island.  TaskStream has now replaced TrueOutcomes and gives our faculty and students a consistent record of academic performance on critical tasks, which are aligned to state and national teaching standards. 

This cutting edge assessment system has been presented at both state and national education conferences by the School of Education's faculty and staff. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) believes the School of Education has "developed an assessment system with clearly defined data management responsibilities and technological support that enables the unit to function efficiently and make sound decisions based upon data, research, and stakeholder input."

For introductory information and logon information, visit the TaskStream homepage at

TrueOutcomes Login (Previous efolio system 2005-2010)