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The Elementary Education Program is a fully accredited certification program which prepares teachers of children in grades 1-6. The curriculum offers a balanced program of academic preparation and professional training. Preparation of beginning teachers includes: 

  • a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences; competence in communication skills; 
  • a rich understanding of the content and modes of thinking in the disciplines they will teach; 
  • a growing understanding of learners and how they develop; development of teaching skills to address the needs of all types of learners; 
  • and skills in assessing both learner and self. 

The required professional courses contribute directly to understanding the teacher's role in society and to the development of teaching skills. Students apply for admission to the program in January of their sophomore year; admission is competitive. Elementary Education undergraduates are double majors.  In addition to elementary education they must select a major in the College of Arts and Sciences (Biology is an exception-see your elementary education advisor about this major) in addition to the major in Elementary Education and must fulfill the Basic Liberal Studies requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Majors in Biology, English, Mathematics, History, or foreign language are encouraged as they provide an opportunity for the candidate to pursue a middle level or ESL endorsement. Teacher Certification Program/Masters of Arts (TCP/MA) degree candidates must have a B.A. or B.S. in order to apply to the program.

Admission to the Program

In order to be admitted to the elementary education program candidates must go through the application process.  A minimum GPA of 2.50 overall and in all majors and passing a test of basic skills is required prior to applying to the program.  The application process requires candidates to submit an application, be interviewed by faculty and submit a portfolio.  Admission decisions are made by the faculty in the elementary education program and are based on the candidate’s interview performance and portfolio quality.  Both the interview and portfolio require candidates to demonstrate competency in four key areas:  interpersonal communication skills (written and oral communication, technology skills), academic knowledge base (math, science, social studies, language arts and the second major), work experience and community service with children and schools (depth and breadth of experiences), and multicultural/diversity awareness (depth and breadth of experiences).


Program Requirements for Students admitted to the University 1999 through 2001

Program Requirements for Students admitted to the University in 2002

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