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Scenes from the School of Education

School of Education

Undergraduate Programs

Secondary Education

Foreign Language

Advisor: Dr. Joann Hammadou   


Typical Course of Study


The Secondary Education Program to prepare teachers of Foreign Languages is a fully accredited four-year undergraduate program leading to dual degree B.A. in the language of choice and secondary education.

Students wishing to apply to this program are urged to see an education advisor at University College in their freshman year.  Formal application to this program is in the sophomore year and requires the students to interview with selected School of Education faculty and to present an admissions portfolio at that time.  Students with a strong academic background, an interest in language and culture, experience working with adolescents, and a desire to share these interests with a diverse population of young people are urged to apply.  Students are urged to spend at least one semester abroad in a country in which the target language is spoken.



English as a Second Language


NOTE:  Portuguese (students must see an advisor for the necessary distribution of courses)


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