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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Family Financial Counseling and Planning Certificate Program - Suspended as of May 2013

The Family Financial Counseling and Planning (FFCP) Certificate Program is one of the options for undergraduate students majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. Graduates from this program can expect to find jobs in financial counseling and planning areas in profit and non-profit organizations that serve families and children.

In addition to courses required in the HDF curriculum, students take the following courses as their professional electives to complete the FFCP certificate program:

Two from the following three courses:

HDF 210 Family Resource Management
HDF 225 Consumer in the Economy
HDF 428 Consumer Protection

Plus five required courses:

HDF 418 Personal Finance
HDF 424 Personal Finance Applications
HDF 426 Retirement Planning
HDF 450 Introduction to Counseling
HDF 451 Financial Counseling and Debt Management

In addition, students in FFCP take HDF 477/478 as their senior field work experience.