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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Affiliated Interdisciplinary Programs

Program in Gerontology

The URI Program in Gerontology was founded in 1958, making it one of the oldest in the nation. Because Rhode Island ranks among the states with the highest percentage of elderly persons in the U.S., the program has a unique responsibility and opportunity for education, research and service in the field of aging.

Hunger Studies
This minor field of study prepares students for leadership roles in understanding and eradicating hunger. To declare this minor, a student must have the approval of a program advisor and an academic advisor. For more information, contact Professor Kathleen Gorman, Director, Feinstein Center for a Hunger Free America, Ranger Hall, 309, or Professor Lynn McKinney, Human Science and Services, Quinn Hall, Kingston.

Leadership Studies
The minor in leadership studies is based on a broad cross-disciplinary philosophy of leadership. The goal is to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities. The minor will provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes understanding of self, others, and community as well as the acceptance of responsibility inherent in community membership. The curriculum is focused on expanding studentsí knowledge, skills, and understanding of specific leadership theories, concepts, and models in applied settings. To declare a minor in leadership studies, a student must first visit the Center for Student Leadership Development (CSLD) in the Memorial Union to begin the enrollment process, and then inform his or her major academic advisor.

Thanatology (Death, Dying, and Bereavement)
The interdisciplinary minor in thanatology provides a basic understanding of loss, death, dying, and grief. For additional information, see and select Thanatology or contact Professor Carolyn Hames ( in the College of Nursing.