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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Jing Jian Xiao

Department of Human Development and Family Studies



Ph.D., Consumer Economics, Oregon State University, 1991

M.S., Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China, 1986

B.S., Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China, 1982


Curriculum Vita (PDF)


Teaching Assignments

Consumer economics, personal finance, consumer protection, graduate professional seminar.


Research Interests

Family financial wellbeing, consumer financial capability, consumer financial behavior, money and happiness, sustainable consumer behavior, financial development of young adults, Chinese consumer behavior.


Selected Professional Services

Editor, Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning

Editor, International Series on Consumer Science (a book series)


Selected Invited Presentations

7/07 - Overview of Asian Americans, presentation made for a workshop on Financial Education to Asian Americans, U.S. Department of Treasury.


7/07 - The poor pay more: A case in the credit card market, presentation in a policy brief on Capital Hill, Washington, DC.


10/08 - Discussion leader on behavior theory applications, U.S. Treasury Department Financial Education Research Symposium, Washington, DC.


9/09 - Keynote speaker, Financial Behavior of Americans: Implications for China. The 1st China Forum on Consumer Finance, Tsinghua University.


8/10 - Financial behavior team leader presentation at a colloquium sponsored by National Endowment for Financial Education, Denver, CO.


10/10 - Consumer financial research, presentation at Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China, Beijing, China.


5/11 - Consumer protection in financial services. Panel presentation, the 5th China Consumer Finance Forum, Tsinghua University.


9/11 - Consumer financial behavior, education and well-being. Keynote speech at the 2nd China

Research Forum on Consumer Finance jointly sponsored by Economic Research (the top economics journal in China) and China Financial Research Center of Tsinghua University.


6/13 - Consumer economics. Special topic seminars to Ph.D. students of college of business administration, Renmin University of China, Beijing.


11/13 - Children’s new media use and well-being. Keynote speech at the International Forum on Children Among China, the US, Japan, and South Korea: New Media and Children's Education, China Youth and Research Center, Beijing.


11/13 - Take control of your money and life. Panel presentation to undergraduate students at University of Rhode Island, sponsored by College of HSS and Department of HDFS.


Selected Books

Garman, T. E., Xiao, J. J., Brounson, B. (editors). (2003). The mathematics of personal finance: Using computer and calculator (3rd ed.). Cincinnati: Thompson Learning.


Xi, J., Sun, Y., & Xiao, J. J. (editors) (2006). Chinese youth in transition. Hampshire, England: Ashgate.


Xiao, J. J. (2008). (editor). Handbook of consumer finance research. New York: Springer.


Selected Book Chapters


Xiao, J. J. (2008). Applying behavior science theories in financial behaviors. In J. J. Xiao (ed.). Handbook of consumer finance research (pp69-81). New York: Springer.


Xiao, J. J., & Ying, B. (2008). Sustainable consumption in China: Role of Chinese consumers. In M. O’Donoghue (ed.). Global sustainable development: A challenge for consumer citizens. (Ebook). Lucerne, Switzerland: IFHE.


Xiao, J. J., Serido, J., & Shim, S. (2012). Financial education, financial knowledge, and risky credit behaviour of college students. In D. Lamdin (ed.). Financial decisions across the lifespan: Problems, programs, and prospects. New York: Springer.


Xiao, J. J. (2012). Family economic well-being. In G. W. Peterson & K. R. Bush (eds.). Handbook of marriage and the family (3rd ed.). New York: Springer.


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Xiao, J. J. (Forthcoming). Sustainable consumption and life satisfaction. A. C. Michalos (ed.). Encyclopedia of quality of life research. New York: Springer.


Selected Journal Papers


Xiao, J. J., O’Neill, B., Prochaska, J., Kerbel, C, Brennan, P., & Bristow, B. (2004). A consumer education program based on the Transtheoretical Model of Change. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 28(1), 55-65.


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