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Links for Parents

Thrive by Five horizontal
Thrive by Five
: Teaching Your Preschooler About Spending and Saving

This website offers free activities and other resources for parents who want to encourage healthy attitudes about money in young children. Thrive by Five is a set of eight activities that are available in both English and Spanish for parents of preschoolers to begin teaching basic concepts of financial education. These activities, along with informational tips for working with this age group, teach concepts that five year olds should know prior to entering kindergarten.


NEFE Teen Resource Bureau

Choose Your Own Financial Adventure! Teens can practice making smart financial decisions by going on a financial adventure without ever leaving home or opening their wallet.


Money Management For Young Adults

The Spring 2005 issue of FDIC Consumer News ( helps young adults (including those just beginning a career or family and others still in school) learn how to save and manage money. Information includes common mistakes young adults make with money and how to avoid them. Other topics include ways to protect against identity theft and other fraud, five things to know about credit cards and checking accounts, electronic banking services that young people might find attractive, and the right way to fix a problem with a financial institution.



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