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Scenes from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Outreach Programs

Child Development Centers

The Child Development Centers at the University of Rhode Island offer preschool and kindergarten programs for children ages 3 to 6 years. The original Child Development Center is located on the Kingston campus of the University. The Dr. Pat Feinstein Child Development Center is located at the Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education in Providence. These programs are operated by the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in order to provide a setting for observation, participation, and research focusing on young children and their families. Opportunities in these areas are available to all students and faculty at the University.

Family Therapy Clinic

The Family Therapy Clinic is the only systemic outpatient mental health center in the state of Rhode Island. It is affiliated with the University of Rhode Island as a teaching, training and research facility with specialized expertise in relationship and family issues.

Cooperative Extension Program

The URI Cooperative Extension program develops and implements educational outreach programs for Rhode Island agencies' staff serving children, youth and families, as well as direct service parent education programs. The goal of these educational programs is to strengthen family systems, improve structure and nurturing practices for parents of children from birth through young adults, and provide professional staff development and training classes for staff/providers who work with children, youth and families.

Early Intervention Recruitment and Retention Office

Early Intervention Recruitment and Retention activities are conducted through the Human Development and Family Studies Department, and the project offers internship opportunities to students interested in pursuing a career in Early Intervention. The project is funded by the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, through the Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities, at Rhode Island College.

Family Resource Partnership
The mission of the Family Resource Partnership is to strengthen children, families and communities by bringing research-based support to organizations providing services to children, families and communities. The mission is accomplished by providing technical assistance, evaluation, training and grant-writing services to these organizations. The Partnership was formed to coordinate faculty scholarship, apply research-based practices to current community issues, increase student learning opportunities, increase community outreach efforts and URI's commitment to strengthening children, families and communities through the establishment of a self-sustaining partnership.